Black Hole?

by B. Johnson

Nice place to visit

Nice place to visit

This is indeed an interesting collection of ideas. I agree with the fact that matter is made of atoms and atoms vibrate, according to some atomic theory. I would enjoy hearing more about the hypothetical black hole at the center of the Earth. As of this time, I have read about two types of black holes.

The first are the "big, nasties" that can be "seen" in outer space. These black holes are theorized to be collapsed stars that have such intense gravity nothing tangible escapes.

The other type is the mini-black hole created from the use of atomic accelerators (atom smashers). The "proven" occurrence is brief and has not yet tried to suck in the Earth.

As for the
natural breakdown of everything, the process is called entropy, breakdown and vibration of atoms does not create a significant level of heat that is not counteracted the cooling effects of space, matter interaction, and gravitational influence.

Current theories that have true scientific basis are:
1) The greenhouse gas theory
2) Shifting polar/magnetic core
3) Solar effective change
4) Minor combination of all the above acting simultaneously
5) 2012 – Dec 21 hypothesis

The research is compelling for each of these theories, even the "end of the world" in #5. Prophets have come to a similar conclusion about the odd 2012 data. Something big may be happening. I find the tie in to the Earth passing through the center of the Solar System during that time an interesting "coincidence."

Barry's Response - Thanks BJ from a very specific place. You have provided some real food for thought here.

Ever wondered, "Gee black holes might be scary things. Maybe we don't want
physicists creating them here on our planet after all."? Just a thought.

Maybe they have a good one planned for that date you mentioned above.

Search this site for more information now.

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