Love that commute

Love that commute

I have visited Alberta many times, and it is cold! My trips have been at all times of the year, and I was surprised at how chilly the weather is, even in the middle of summer! Sure there are warm days, but for the most part my trips have been filled with cold and wind, and a definite need for a sweater!

Before my trip I looked at and the Environment Canada websites for information as to what to expect, and both gave semi-helpful information. I say semi-helpful because the "suggested" high temperature that was given for each day was never hit! At least I knew when to expect rain or wind, both of which I saw a lot of.

I lucked out one trip and experienced a famed Chinook in southern Alberta! Talk about wind!

Note to travellers: if you are looking to travel to Alberta, pay attention to weather warnings! When it is windy there, it is VERY windy!
Even though the weather was not always what I would have liked to be experiencing, I would definitely travel to Alberta again. I have been to colder places that are a lot less appealing (like Alaska!) and would take Alberta over them any day!

Barry's Response - Well, gotta take the good with the bad. Equally as often, the actual temps exceed those in the forecast.

How do you find weather warnings and information? Check the environment Canada page with these instructions.

Search this site for more information now.

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