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by RazorMK

What happens if...?

What happens if...?

Compressed air car...I dont think I will ever buy one, except if everyone has one. If it's mass produced, I think it will serve its purpose, but I don't think it will be allowed in America...Europe? - maybe.

If its compressed, in a crash the air canister might explode, doing massive damage on the car and mostly important to the driver and passengers.

Anyways if it does get in mass production, I don't think it will be soon, it will probably be too complicated.

I think the future is in hybrid cars, although they aren't as often seen.

Barry's Response - Razor:

These statements give us all something to think about. Either the car-design or the publicity needs some work.

Hey who can go wrong with a car that does not use any gas? Whether that be an electric or compressed air car, The car does not have any atmospheric emissions on the road. That can only be a good thing.

There are dangers and kinks that need to be worked out. The cylinders typically store the air at a pressure of 30MPa, about 300 times the atmospheric pressure at sea level. That would rupture with quite a force, so safety measures need to be taken.

The good news is that it is not flammable. The cylinders are made of a material that may crack and release air but create no small bits of solid material during such an event. That's a good thing.

Still once we get the bugs worked out (and that might simply be publicity), this thing just may be good to go.

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Article wasn't clear.
by: Daniel Gutierrez

I don't like the article because it seems like it is just thrown together from nothing but opinion. I would rather have read an interesting article with a mix of opinion and fact.

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