canada is allways cold

by james
(tn, india)

Only in Canada, eh?

Only in Canada, eh?

Canada can be cold but it is not that bad depending on where you live in Canada. Canada does have a summer. It happens for two-three months a year. I live in Canada but I never have been to any of the countries listed.

I regularly check the weather network. They always give up to date information. I check the site daily.

I think the instructions given here are quite useful for checking Environment Canada website.

I do not usually go to Environment Canada to check their weather forecasts.

Barry's Response - Cold is relative. The Weather Network works for most people. Either that or ECCC (Environment and Climate Change Canada). I expect you to check both and compare them only if you're really interested.

If that's the case, you can check out other sites too. Start with and Different forms of information are provided by each.

I also like using Weather underground at at because it has real-time weather maps you can compare simultaneous conditions in different regions of the world and more weather stations than most other services.

There's another one that's come to light lately. Weather Spark lets you easily and graphically scan historical weather data for each location, both climate averages and daily records. In addition, it gives you a lot of perspective on the weather forecast for each location.

Canadians just can't get enough of their weather, it seems.

Search this site for more information now.

Individuals may check multiple weather forecast websites in order to gather a broader range of information and increase their confidence in the accuracy of the forecast.

Humans explore because they're curious. A person checking multiple weather forecast websites wants to improve their understanding of the future atmospheric conditions just like a scientist uses multiple sources of data to confirm or challenge his or her hypotheses. In order to make better decisions and navigate the uncertainties of weather more clearly, they embrace a diverse set of perspectives.

Comparing simultaneous forecasts can be exhilarating in the world of weather forecasting. Each forecast is a piece of a meteorological mosaic, like unraveling a puzzle. The art and science of weather prediction can be explored by observing the variations and nuances between different forecasts. While unraveling the mysteries of the atmosphere, it challenges your forecasting skills and intuition. Discover the hidden secrets of the sky by deciphering the forecasts and letting your inner weather enthusiast run wild.

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Just love to travel to canada..
by: rathi

I loved the weather description given by the author. Living in a tropical country, I was really carried away by the picture posted at the page..I just want to travel to canada..It is really amazing that the weather sites give accurate forecasts..

From Barry - It's great to hear that the weather description resonated with you. The diverse climate of Canada offers a mesmerizing tapestry of weather patterns. With accurate weather forecasts from weather websites, you can plan your adventures and experiences with confidence.

For those with a passion for weather and exploration, Canada is filled with breathtaking landscapes covered in snow and vibrant hues in autumn. Wishing you awe-inspiring moments and unforgettable meteorological encounters on your trip to Canada!

looks wonderful to me!
by: Anonymous

I loved going up into Canada. The colder the better! And the difference between 10 below and 40 below- about the same!
I enjoy seeing the weather variations the further North the better.

From Barry - Because the human body's temperature regulation system kicks in, protecting the body from cold weather. In cold weather, the body constricts blood vessels, creates a layer of warm air around the body, and shivers to generate heat.

It's fun to see how far you can go in the cold. My endurance and strength are put to the test when I do that. Keep safety in mind, though.

Search this site for more information now.

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