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by john
(new york,NY,USA)

It can be cold...

It can be cold...

I have been to Canada many times. It is really cold in winter. Colds are very common there. That's why you have to dress really warm. In the summer it isn't really hot, you can say it is warm.

Barry's Response - I can concur with that. Thanks, John.

If global warming continues as some have predicted, more and more of people of the world will become interested in visiting our country in the summer. As most Canadian places currently stay in the 15 to 30°C range during this season, most will agree it is quite comfortable, compared to elsewhere. We're fine with that.

As for the rest of the year, be prepared. The majority of Canada has daily average temperatures of below freezing right from mid-November until at least early March. British Columbia has a number of exceptions, and the Arctic, north of 60° latitude, will see a much longer and more severe period of winter. Many places throughout Canada do not see the temperature ever (almost) exceeding 0°C for this entire period, and we're fine with that.

For a more complete description of the variations of climate we experience across this large piece of land, check the Canada's Climate webpage. It includes broad Köppen climate classifications for various Canadian regions.

Search this site for more information now.

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