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Canadian Weather

by Sam

The home of our Federal Government

The home of our Federal Government

Canada is a country of weather extremes. I live in Canada; I currently live in Ontario, but I have also lived in British Columbia.

The winters are cold in Ontario, but the summers in southern Ontario are quite warm. Today, August 31st, it is supposed to reach a high of 30 degrees Celsius (86 degrees Farenheit, with the humidex it's supposed to feel like 100).

Our summer lasts from June to the end of August and sometimes a bit into September. It doesn't start to get really cold until the end of December. January can reach lows of -20 Celsius, February is cold too, but it starts to warm up again in March.

This year we had a nice warm spring with temperatures in the 20's in April.
Vancouver, British Columbia is not very cold during the winter; it may reach freezing some days, but it usually doesn't stay that cold for very long. It rains pretty much all winter long there, and stays just cold enough that you don't really want to do anything outside. Summers aren't as warm as they are in Ontario, and it rains quite a bit during the summer as well. It's nice and green there however, with a long growing season.

Barry's Response - Thank you Sam. This brief Canadian Weather description for two points in (nearly) opposite ends of the country give newcomers an idea of what range of climatic conditions to expect. Especially since these are the two most likely places for visitors and immigrants to go initially.

The Prairies, where I live, is normally characterized by dry conditions, with some areas looking quite desert-like in summer and having light powdery snow in the winter.

See the latest weather news affecting Canada above. Use the next arrow to page through relevant stories. Also, Search this site for more information now.

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