Checking the weather is more fun

by Martha W.
(Central Ohio)

Weather Underground

Weather Underground

I have a little weather widget that gives me the current temperature in my browser and I often check for a forecast. It's usually slightly more accurate than the guy on tv. I checked out The Weather Network and was quite happy to find a direct link to our local airport's weather forecast. It's an hour by hour look at the weather.

At first look, I thought the temperature the site gave was way off! Then I realized it was giving the temperature in centigrade and we use fahrenheit here. A quick glance at my browser and I learned the difference in the two scales. Very interesting!

Since I live near the airport, this site is going to be the most helpful to me in terms of getting an accurate weather forecast. So very happy to have discovered it. Looks like I'll be bookmarking a new site.

Barry's Response - Thanks, Martha. I've discovered something even more fun at - it's their Wundermap under the "Maps & Radar" tab. In each city, it shows temperatures and winds at several locations so you can see where the small anomalies are. Very cool.

Search this site for more information now.

I must tell you that The Weather Network is an excellent resource for weather enthusiasts such as yourself.

It gives you an hour-by-hour breakdown of the weather at your local airport. You can plan your day and stay prepared with this level of detail. Weather Network forecasts are accurate and up-to-date, so you can trust them. The Weather Network has current conditions, long-range forecasts, and severe weather alerts. Based on the latest weather data, it helps you make intelligent decisions.

How it came about: - Weather Network was licensed by the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission in 1987. It started broadcasting in 1988 as WeatherNow. In 1989, the channel changed its name to The Weather Network and shared a television feed with MétéoMédia.

The Weather Network developed its own forecasting system called PMX over time. Pelmorex bought the network in 1993 and launched its website in 1996. Through the years, The Weather Network has introduced and improved various programming blocks, including advanced weather presentation systems, longer-term trend forecasts, and local forecasts.

After moving to Oakville in 2005, it kept improving its local weather products. The CRTC gave it must-carry status in 2009. In 2014, the Weather Network launched regional feeds and partnered with CBC News. Pelmorex then bought The Weather Channel's interest out in 2015.

Welcome to the Digital Age - In 1996, the channel launched its website. is one of Canada's top web services, and their mobile web property is the second biggest mobile site in the country.

Weather Network also has an e-mail and text messaging service called WeatherDirect, that sends weather forecasts via e-mail. A pollen and road condition e-mail service is also available. You can get Severe Weather alerts and Weather News on the Weather Network's Twitter and Facebook accounts.

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by: Anonymous

brilliant article

From Barry - Thank you very much, brill.

by: Anonymous

I never heard of wundermap before. I guess you learn something everyday.

I do however have a temperature gadget that reads hot and cold. It also gives the temperature in Celsius and Fahrenheit. That is a handy tool. We check outside what the temperature is and it reads it and tells it to us. So there are lots of interesting tools out there for the weather but I mostly rely on

From Barry - In addition, the TWN website has weather alerts, forecasts, and radar maps. It's also very user-friendly, so we can get the info we need fast. Because of this, I think it's the best source for weather updates.

by: Anonymous

This website is a very educational one and could be incorporated into the 5th grade curriculum in NC. Links load quickly. I'd like to see a link to or another site where I could pull up local weather conditions.

From Barry - The website provides information on a variety of topics which might be related to NC's 5th grade curriculum, and its fast loading speed makes it easy to access. Students can find up-to-date local weather conditions by linking to this reliable weather website.

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