Climate Change and Our Duty

by Pooja Sharma
(Jain vishwa bharti university, ladnun)

Dire Consequences

Dire Consequences

SearchClimate change and global warming are defining issues of our time. Hardly a minute passes without a newspaper or a broadcast (or politician) making one or more references to the threats it presents and the importance of taking action quickly to limit the effects adapt to the transformations that are sure to come.

For climate change is here, more or less, and the problem is likely to stay. But is changing it in our power? As individuals, businesses, communities and governments, to affect just how serious the problem will become?

We have the option how to act, but the effect we need to make on our own. We can make a difference by allowing the transition to a climate benign
world. So we just need to start marching towards the answer.

Barry's Response - Thank you for this message, Pooja. It carries an obvious, if very familiar, message.

Thanks for your input.

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by: Anonymous

Thanks for the article. I'd be interested in learning more about the facts behind the information provided. Let's all learn more.

Typical scare without facts backup
by: Bob F

This is nonsense. Nature cycles normally. The latest science suggests that there is little or nothing man can do to change the climate. This is typical kneejerk reaction to Al Gores' money making BS.

I would respect this article if it presented real facts from both viewpoints. Otherwise it's useless!

by: Anonymous

This article was really nice and there were the people have to know about the climate change, and when I see this site it does not attract me a lot. But when I read the article I came to know that this article was worthy, this site was really excellent and it was interesting. I like to know more about the climate change please give more info and other related website. There was clearly I can search through Google thanks for providing this link I had bookmarked this link.................

by: Anonymous

ya that stuff happens

Must Read Article For Human Mind
by: G.Karthikeyan

The article which is on the Climate Change and Our Duty is much important and the sense of conveyongmessage in this article is likely to be good.
The page having an image describing what to do is very attractive and makes the readers impressive.

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