Cold Weather!

Only one of Canada's Seasons

Only one of Canada's Seasons

It has been so cold in Canada right now. The coldest day of the winter so far has been -32. There has been a lot more snow too. It has bin a bitter winter for us Canadians. I'm getting so fed up with winter. It has been one of the coldest and lots of snow fall this year.

Yes Canada does have summer. We get summer for two or three months. It is warm temperatures to because your in the city more then anything. It gets very humid here in the summer time.

I live in Canada but I never been to any other northern place other then Canada.

Antarctica is cold but I have never been there.

I do check the weather forecast everyday so that way I know what the weather is going to be like for the day and how to prepare for it.

I have not looked at Environment Canada for warnings or watches. I usually look at the WeatherNetwork.

I don't think Environment Canada would be a good place to check for weather updates.

Barry's Response - Well, Thanks. Canadians can get used to the cold. That's what makes us tough. Weather enthusiasts like me check out EC and TWN's unique weather products regularly.

Recently, I've also used observation maps at weather underground, and weather & climate graphs at - very handy resources.

Search this site for more information now.

Give a list of the best online weather resources for Canadians and describe what makes them unique.

Here are some for adults and children:

- Check out The Weather Network ( Discover fun weather facts, games, and videos. Discover different weather phenomena like thunderstorms and snowstorms. There's even a weather app for your phone so you can be a mini meteorologist!

- Weather from Environment & Climate Change Canada ( Visit the official weather website of the Canadian government. See what's happening across the country with cool weather maps and satellite images. Also, they give you weather safety tips.

- Next is Weather Wiz Kids ( Play games and experiments to learn about clouds, hurricanes, and rainbows. You can find fascinating articles and answers to all your weather questions there.

- Skywarn Owlie ( Meet Owlie Skywarn, a cute owl who teaches kids about severe weather safety. Discover how to stay safe during thunderstorms, tornadoes, and more with coloring pages, puzzles, and stories.

- The NASA Climate Kids website ( Join NASA Climate Kids on an out-of-this-world adventure. Learn about weather and climate change through games, activities, and captivating stories. Discover how the Earth's atmosphere affects our weather.

- The Weather Underground ( Weather Underground has detailed forecasts and weather data. You can track storms, see radar maps, and even contribute your own observations. You're your own weather detective!

Weather can be exciting and sometimes surprising. The above are some websites that will help you become a weather expert. I mentioned Weatherspark earlier because it makes it easy to compare climate data (as opposed to forecasts). Explore the fascinating world of weather and stay curious!

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