Communication - the mediums, their advantages and disadvantages

by DilipKr Das
(Durgapur,West Bengal, India)



The project was related to communication. The task of the project was:

1. Giving a brief outline of communication. What is meant by the term? How do we communicate?

2. Give the name and picture of each medium/devices of communication. Phone, Postal mails/Snail mails, fax machines, telegraph,e-mail, cellphone, internet, Television, Radio,Hoardings, Banners, Leaflets, Cinema etc.

3. For each of such devices/mediums brief description was to be given.

4. Their specific advantages and disadvantages are to be explained in brief.

5. A conclusion is to be drawn by giving the 'Evolution and changes in the method of communication.'

Barry's Response - Good one, DD. What was the conclusion?

It's interesting to see how these communications have been used in weather reporting. Examples include the transfer of satellite and radar signals.

With the internet we see, now, more new ones over and above those listed. Most of these fall under the category - Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP). Here, voice communications, with or without video, travel over the internet.

Providers include Skype, MagicJack, FaceTime and over a hundred others listed on this page -

Search this site for more information now.

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Response to Barry's Comment
by: Dilip Kr Das

Actually the word should be 'summarize' rather than 'conclusion'.
The main idea is to be summarized. Which can be as follows:
The mediums are meant for different purposes. Like postal mails, cellphones, telephones are suitable for personal communication and radio,TV etc are meant for public communication.

From Barry - ty.

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