by Nadia

Need a fuel saver

Need a fuel saver

I would love to have on of these compair cars, it will be awesome for the environment but it will need to be affordable in order to be able to sell, people will love to help "go green" but these days new technologies also mean very high prices. And with the economy going so bad people will not pay big money for it.

The car totally serve its purpose, but I don't know if this will ever work for every one. I think it's a great way to introduce this kind of transportation in the market, or at least they should probably start to make people test the car, to be able to convince the public that can be efficient and at the same time environment friendly.

It is probably the future, but they need to introduce it to make this happen.

I can't tell where will be approved but certainly wherever it is, for sure it'll be a good start.
The car needs prove the safety, the power, the efficiency of a normal car, or almost, in order to get people to buy it.

It will be very interesting on getting used to something like that, and I am sure it will be easy since you don't have to go the gas station when you run out of fuel, since there isn't.

I am not surprised though that the prototype of this car was made so long ago, and just now it is "coming to life" but there's still a long way to get to this technology, first thing's first, they need to get rid of the normal cars market....could that be possible? We don't know, maybe the next generation will know...

Barry's Response - Nadia, those are some good thoughts. Unlike our current cars, this design should be useful for commuting like bicycles and Segways. Advances in research lead to advanced technologies, so it'll be fun to see what's next.

Search this site for more information now. For now, here's a look at the bigger picture...

Your sentiments reflect a shared vision of a brighter and more sustainable future.

Aspiring to 'go green' and embrace environmentally friendly innovations is a testament to humanity's noble spirit of progress.

Our challenge is two-fold: the harmony of nature and the harmony of economics. Transformative technologies succeed not only because of their promise, but because they're accessible. We're at a crossroads of innovation and affordability, so let's remember what brought us to the moon and back - an audacious dream realized through tenacity and collaboration.

We have to recognize that progress isn't always easy when there are economic uncertainties. The most remarkable journeys start with a single step, though. Such endeavors pave the way for generations to come, ensuring that the blessings of progress are shared by all.

We've got a long road ahead of us, my friends. We must introduce this transformative technology to our fellow citizens, demonstrating its efficiency, safety, and promise to lead us to a more sustainable future just like pioneers once did.

Change dances to the rhythm of time, my fellow citizens. Planting seeds of innovation today nurtures a forest of possibilities. Let's stand together with a vision that transcends individual needs.

The journey of progress is like a symphony played by countless hands, each note building on the last. Let's not be daunted by the challenges, but instead let us be inspired by the promise that our actions today, no matter how humble, will contribute to the grand symphony of progress.

We're on the road to a cleaner, more sustainable future. Let's take that step, my friends, and inspire the world.

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Would love to learn more
by: Anonymous

I wish the article would give a little more information or detail on the specifics of this vehicle. What does it run on? What kind of cost? etc. Almost no information except the name.

From Barry - I can't make an informed discussion if I don't know anything about it either. I'd like to have received more info too so I can compare it to other options and share with my readers.

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