by G. Kaye
(Millbrook, Ont)

The lovely town of Millbrook

The lovely town of Millbrook

I object seriously to you calling the Peterborough forecast - "Lakefield". I live in Millbrook 12 km sw of the airport. It is 5 or 6 into Pererborough and over 40 to Lakefield. All I can think of is that someone on your staff has a connection with Lakefield and decided to please the few people living there and displease the tens of thousands living in Peterborough and surrounding area. The sooner you change back to "Peterborough" the better

Barry's Response - I looked at the climate data on Environment Canada's website, which is the most reliable. Peterborough Airport observations come from 44deg 14min North and 78deg 22min West, near the airport, while Lakefield observations come from 44deg 28min North and 78deg 14min West. They are rounded to the nearest minute.

Maybe the observations you see are from their actual locations. I entered the values into Google Maps and it identified spots near the two towns.

The weather reporting system in that area seems to be acting weird. Even gets its data from Peterborough when Lakefield is entered and from Hastings Highlands when Millbrook or Peterborough are entered. These geographical names must be confusing.

I hope somebody figures it all out at the Weather Network or elsewhere and is able to make us understand.

Search this site for more information now.

A scientific journey to explore three wonderful towns in Ontario:

Peterborough, Lakefield, and Millbrook. We'll examine the unique features of each town so you can tell them apart.

Imagine Peterborough as the heart of the Kawarthas. It's like a hub for all kinds of fun stuff. The Trent-Severn Waterway is a series of canals and locks that connect various lakes and rivers. It's like an aquatic staircase! There are also lots of parks and green spaces in Peterborough, perfect for picnics and outdoor adventures. Peterborough is the place for you if you like being near the water and exploring nature!

Imagine a charming, peaceful town surrounded by beautiful lakes. Yeah, that's Lakefield! This town is famous for its close-knit community and deep connection to nature. It's like a serene oasis where you can fish, swim, and kayak. Lakefield is also home to Lakefield College School, an educational institution that's been around for a while. Lakefield is the place to be if you're looking for a close community vibe!

And now Millbrook. With historic buildings and a quaint downtown area, this town is like a storybook. Imagine strolling through its charming streets surrounded by amazing shops and restaurants. Known for its rolling hills and farms, Millbrook has a picturesque landscape. It's like stepping back in time to experience the warmth of a small town. If you love history and rural landscapes, Millbrook is the town for you!

While exploring these places, I'd like to maintain: Water lovers and outdoor enthusiasts go to Peterborough, Lakefield offers serenity and a strong sense of community near the lakes, and Millbrook takes you back in time with its quaint charm and rural setting. Don't forget, visitors, every town has its own unique story!

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