computer models

by P Kumar, Ph.D.
(Jodhpur, India)

Atmospheric computer models

Atmospheric computer models

1. Currently there is no scale existing to test the accuracy of any EPA computer models for prediction of Air Pollution, any where in the world. In a recent publication of mine(Experimental technique of calibration of symmetrical air pollution models, J. Earth Syst. Sci. 114, No. 5, October 2005, pp. 1-7.) I have given an Index(SAPMI) which can be used for the purpose.

2. I am interested to know the opinion of your government and your own openion, on compulsorily implementing it i.e. before any such prediction models are used for research/commercial purpose, its SAPMI Index values are marked on the 'software Copy'.

3. I would be most curiously looking forward to your response, please.

Barry's Response - Prabhat:

First of all, I would say I am no expert at evaluating the quality, precision or accuracy of these models. You probably have me beat here. I only have a B.Sc. in Physics.

I recognize that these models are far from perfect, that better ones can and have been developed, and that any model can only go so far.

All I can purport is that ISC, a primative model by any standard, is (written before July 2009) accepted in my jurisdiction for lower intermediate air quality assessments. Many other North American territories also accept its results as a useful baseline assessment. I live in Alberta, Canada, a region with at most rolling terrain in the vast majority of its area.

CALPUFF is considered to be better, but largely unnecessary for my geographic area and the problems we need to address. It is used for environmental impact assessment modelling

In the interest of economy and efficiency, we use what the government officials understand. If our regulatory body accepts the simple ISC evaluation, we are more than happy to oblige.

Around here, it is generally accepted that the model is designed to overpredict ambient concentrations in ambiguous situations. Apparently, that is good enough for our officials and more refined modelling is not required unless a problem situation justifies it. In which case one might choose CALPUFF or one of the customized or proprietary assessment computer models if it is justifiable.

I haven't yet taken the time to read the paper on the SAPMI index you suggest, but I think I will.

Search this site for more information now.

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Interesting topic, crappy spelling
by: Xombicide

When I first saw this article I was very interested because I am a vegetarian who is very concerned about the environment. I had no idea that my computer could be emitting pollution.
I'm definitely going to look into the rest of this site to see if there are any other ways to reverse my carbon footprint.
My only request is that someone should rewrite this article with better grammar. It's hard to understand at times.

Very intriguing
by: Anonymous

This is a topic on which I have no expertise but am interested in as a consumer - I'm interested to learn more. Very informative.

New Reader as well as new thinker.
by: Anonymous

It was good to see that there is such kind of thinkers regarding that as I am a user of computer from last 15 years and never think about it. i clicked on that for nothing but it was interesting. just by reading this I click on the links one by one as it build an interest and wanted to know about it. There would be some tested results and let us come to know if there is something like which brands are gud to use and which are bad for health and things like this.

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