control global warming

by bhavani

Get rid of this beast

Get rid of this beast

A few steps to control global warming.

1. Start from your home by using least utilities of heat,water,and electricity.
2. Apply the 3R's of reducation, recycle and reuse.
3. Try to drive a smaller engine car with euro v or hybrid, if feasible.
4. Try to car pool to work and back home.
5. Try take buses or no.11 for all walkable short distance trips.
6. Try to use least plastic bags or reusable bags if possible.
7. Try to use less detergents, soaps or cleaning chemicals.
8. Keep your garbage container clean every day.

Barry's Response All good common sense ideas, whether your goal is to control global warming, be more environmentally responsible or to economize for its own sake. Thank you, Bhavani.

The list can include a few other well-publicized items. Most of these things will already be familiar, things such as:

  • using renewable energy sources (solar and wind, notably),
  • using methane over other, more polluting fuel types,
  • more energy efficient home appliances,
  • maintaining your vehicle and keeping tires filled,
  • keeping as many live plants as practical,
  • buying locally grown food products,
  • turning electrical items off (completely),
  • videoconference instead of travel,
  • winter heat at 68 (20°C) summer A/C at 78 (25°C),
  • CFL's & LED's for cheap light (compact fluorescent lightbulbs and light emitting diodes),
  • study utility company usage feedback reports,
  • spread the word,
  • buy used items when possible,
  • reuse shopping bags,
  • go veg,
  • bundle errands into a single trip.

Simple, really. Search this site for more information now.

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by: Anonymous

All the above given tips to control global warming are so useful and correct. I think every one must follow them to make out planet green. I made on global warming. Hope it's going to bring a good awareness in all.

by: Rosemary White

Thank you very much for sharing. Feel free to share more if any. I will appreciate posting and will gladly read.

by: Thomson

It is very necessary to control global warming. I think we are too late to think about this serious issue regarding our earth.

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