Designer Vaccine Carrier Protein Complex

by Charles
(Pullman, WA, USA)

Medical Research Project

Medical Research Project

I designed proteins in silicon that could form virus like particles to be used as versatile carrier protein complexes for vaccine development.

This was a great learning experience for me, and I would totally do it again.

Barry's Response - What? A carrier protein is a membrane protein that will have a high affinity for specific solutes including glucose. These proteins facilitate the passage of the solutes through membrane barriers. I hope you found something medically significantmedically significant and that it could ultimately be put to use for the benefit of mankind. Thanks, Charles.

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Hope there's more to come
by: Migz

It is great to hear news regarding advances in the field of cell biology and vaccine production. Ultimately, more discoveries and researches would be conducted which can be shared to mankind. What I would just like to point out is the lack of data regarding such an achievement. Add also the specifics about such a discovery. The image does show some semblance of the topic but if it were me, I would like to add a few microscopic pictures of the cells or carries proteins involved (if it were available of course).

One final question, what is the relevance of designer vaccine carrier protein complex in a site mainly for weather forecasting and monitoring? If someone could shed some light into my question, I would really appreciate it. Thanks.

Barry's Response - This discussion stemmed from a series of articles on where a childhood interest in science has taken various people, including my subsequent studies in physics and meteorology.

by: Anonymous

please explain more in layterms how your project was done. I have somewhat of a science background so I understood. I do like the graphic on the page though.

by: jenish

inventions like yours will tak mankind to next level

by: Anonymous

wow, such a nice article.The image is well suited for this topic.The informations are very impressive.

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