dont look at it

by samarpitra
(asansol, west bengal,india)



I think giving solutions is boring; everyone can do it. But very few can perform task they have told so i have a suggestion which I also perform

That is to do nothing. Thank u.

Barry's Response - In some cases, that's the best option. I'd recommend policymakers look at that and all other practical options every time they make a big decision. Extra R&D funding will be worth it if it's really important.

What can one person accomplish? Someone with a lot of followers, like a business, government or cultural leader (actor, etc.) might find it easier. We can all use the same principle, though. Set an example. Prove to anyone that this is what you do because this is what you think. Don't be manipulative, be subtle. Just be yourself. Care.

Get educated. Learn the basic scientific knowledge you need to make smarter decisions in the role of a practitioner.

Search this site for more information now.

Maybe I'll look at some practical actions.

You may think it's overwhelming or challenging to tackle such a complex issue, but there are practical actions we can take that make a real difference.

In the first place, we need to educate ourselves and raise awareness. We can make informed decisions and advocate for change when we understand global warming's causes and consequences. Staying up to date on scientific research, following credible sources, and having constructive conversations are all part of it.

Secondly, we can reduce our carbon footprint every day. This means conserving energy, minimizing waste, and adopting sustainable practices. Using energy-efficient appliances, reducing single-use plastics, and supporting renewable energy can all contribute to a greener world.

After that, supporting policies and initiatives that prioritize environmental sustainability is also important. You can do this by engaging in political discourse, contacting elected officials, and volunteering. Promoting and advocating for responsible environmental policies can help us make a bigger difference.

Last but not least, individual actions can ripple. Together, we can make a difference by inspiring and encouraging others. We can amplify our efforts by sharing knowledge, leading by example, and participating in community projects.

It's true that some people don't follow through with their plans, but that shouldn't stop us from trying. For the sake of our planet and future generations, we need to take practical steps to stop global warming. Together, we can make a difference and contribute to a more sustainable world by engaging in responsible practices, supporting sustainable policies, and encouraging others to do the same.

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What's nothing from nothing?
by: KOTO

Sounds like you're not alone, most think the same way and, I think, that is why we having such problems. People don't hear the cry of mother nature and do not see the help needed for her, and I feel that's because of the "doing nothing" group.

From Barry - People might not always understand the urgency and consequences of not protecting the environment. The current economic system is geared toward consumption and profit, not sustainability, which further reinforces the "do nothing" attitude.

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