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dont look at it

by samarpitra
(asansol, west bengal,india)



I think giving solutions is boring; everyone can do it. But very few can perform task they have told so i have a suggestion which I also perform

That is to do nothing. Thank u.

Barry's Response - That may be the wisest choice in some cases. I would recommend that policy makers examine that and every other practical option every time a key decision is made. And if it is REALLY important, extra R&D funding will be worthwhile.

How much can one person accomplish anyway? If this person is one with a substantial number of followers, like a business, government or cultural leader (actor, etc.,) it may seem a little easier. However, we can all use the same principle. Lead by example. Show any observer that this is what you do because this is what you think. Be subtle, not manipulative. Be yourself. Care.

Get educated. Get the basic scientific knowledge you need, in the role of a practitioner, to make more intelligent decisions.

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What's nothing from nothing?
by: KOTO

Sounds like you're not alone, most think the same way and, I think, that is why we having such problems. People don't hear the cry of mother nature and do not see the help needed for her, and I feel that's because of the "doing nothing" group.

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