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Drive a Hybrid

by Homer
(Boston, USA)

Trade in this for something more efficient

Trade in this for something more efficient

It's called stop buying gas guzzling machines!

Barry's Response - For those not familiar, Hybrid means a hybrid electric vehicle which uses a regular engine together with a rechargeable battery to store generated electricity and delivers better fuel economy and lower air emissions than other cars. It does not need to be charged overnight like other electric cars either.

This seems to be the most popular solution these days. Thanks for your input, Homer.

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Now Hybrid Generation
by: Sam Prabakar

Now a days petrol and diesel become less in the whole world and after say 10-20 years there will be no more petrol. So the new invention is Hybrid which the electrical energy can be produced and used by batteries and solar power. Now it is new generation called Hybrid generation and the world moves on that.

Hybrid is the way to go!!
by: Abhishek

Nice little information given here..I feel its really necessary for us to care for the Environment n Hybrid'z the Way To Go mate :)
Looking forward to more Hybrid cars here in my nation

by: zoki9poki

nice ood technology and better site Let's be a little more real about our planet and our future

Needs More Content
by: Anonymous

While I can certainly appreciate Barry's take on the matter, Homer might want to go into a little more detail on things. What's in it for me, the consumer? I might be swayed by the idea of using less gas, but without solid numbers, how do I know I'm not spending more on the new technology just to save a few dollars at the pump?

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