ecology education human effects

by mitul
(india , gujarat ,palanpur)

One slightly defrosted bear

One slightly defrosted bear

Thanks to Powerline for this update. It seems the MSM jumps on anything it can to support its dying case for Climate Change, nee Man-Made Global Warming.

As if the name difference didn't tell us all we needed to know anyway. A couple days ago, the MSM, including FOX News, jumped with this story:

Ecology education, human effects........................

Barry's Response - Seems there is a lot of money in it for the media (and even a little for this one.)

We hear both of these phrases quite frequently. There is a difference, though. Global warming refers to a long term
temperature-rising trend that shows small reversals from year to year, if at all. We have seen such a multi-decade trend arising from the mid-19th century as we came out of the little ice age into modern temperatures.

Climate change refers to the every day (or at least year-to-year)
temperature, precipitation distribution and variations in other meteorological parameters. Sometimes they reverse; sometimes they don't; sometimes they even re-manifest in a new location.

The other thing we separate is
anthropogenic climate change (or global warming) from that which would occur naturally without our input. Many researchers have pointed out that their data suggests we have had effects on the climate that will not reverse anytime soon. A smaller number suggest we have had a small impact than the previous group would suggest.

Thanks for your contribution, Mitul. This is a popular photo, submitted by others in the past as well.

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