A change for a better environment

A change for a better environment

I see violations against the environment everyday from people driving cars, to people not recycling, to people throwing trash on the ground and people dumping things into the lakes and oceans.

We should be trying to carpool, take a bus, walk or take a bike to where we have to go, we should recycle and put garbage where it belongs and we should stop people from dumping things into our lakes and oceans.

The company I work for tries not to waste things and reuses things all the time.

I think the government should put some energy into helping our environment but I think the bigger problem is us. We need to change.

Barry's Response - We all will change as we become further enlightened and see the need. As the political and economic structures of our societies lead us into changes. As it becomes the only socially acceptable thing to do. As the new generations take over.

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Good Intentions
by: Robert

It is evident that the enviornment is something the author cares a great deal about. However, the article suffers from what appears to be a lack of attention to grammer and spelling. As a result the author has less authority and sounds like a child wishing for change and less like an activist attempting to promote it. The errors in language detract greatly from the potential argument. Which is unfortunate, becuase even though I generally agree with the author it is difficult to take the article seriosly.

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