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Need a better way to manage

Need a better way to manage

I think our environment is really important to us. I think we need to start changing our behaviour and focusing on the environment. I want my grandchildren to be able to live on the earth still after I go. We need to start changing the way we got about things for others.

I have seen many violations against our environment. Some of the examples are:

1) People littering.

2) Gas emissions. Start carpooling or something.

3) People dumping things into our lakes.

That is just to name a few.

People just need to start caring and change a few of their daily habits. Start telling others to change, too.

I think the government should not be involved. I think we should start changing the environment ourselves.

Barry's Response - We shall continue, as a global society, to move in that direction. Government and consumers will play their part for sure, so will manufacturers.

The primary initiative comes from the people - the larger organizations respond to our needs. I have a more complete list of thing people can do on their own to reduce and stop air pollution.

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GREAT message, poor execution of message.
by: hunksjunk

I gave your article 2 stars because it seemed unprofessional. Additionally, the grammar and spelling mistakes made the short article more difficult to read.

HOWEVER, the message is strong and I wholeheartedly agree. The problem with the article is that these are common sense suggestions with large scale mechanisms. People do need to do more on their own, but these suggestions are not specific enough to engage someone and make them think.

This article style and brevity unfortunately does not make me want to keep searching this website, the topic of a greener earth however does.

by: Anonymous

I definitely agree that something should be done about our environment. You had some very good ideas. Here is a few more:

1) Replanting trees when we take them.

2) Trying to make sure our drinking water is clean.

3) Helping our Rainforests.

These are just a few more ideas. Keep up the great work.

I agree.
by: Zack F

Good and short article that points out some areas we need to work on. Now, how are we going to work on these?

P.S. Work on the grammer :)

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