environmental issues

All environments could be this clean and pristine.

All environments could be this clean and pristine.

I think our environment issues are very important. The reason why I think it is so important because we need to maintain it for the future. For our children. We need to start caring about the environment, so that way our children will be able to live on the earth. We need to start controlling what we do in our everyday life. We need to make a change.

Barry's Response - It seems we are heading for disaster? Possibly. The earth is self-healing to some extent, but how much do we want to test that extent?

People do affect the earth, the biosphere. We have seen extinctions (biotic crisis) - in fact some estimate that nearly a third of all species could disappear in the next century. We have changed a significant portion of the land already, and continue to do so. We have also seen atmospheric CO2 go up by about 100 ppm over the last two centuries.

Make it all go away? Many of the effects we have caused could conceivably reverse if humans were to suddenly disappear, and the earth would gradually return to normal, whatever that is. Many but not all. A few remnants of our existence could last thousands of years and beyond.

Search this site for more forecasting information now.

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by: smee

I think within 2 or 3 years everybody have to give attention about climate change.That is sure

dangerous change
by: nikisha bhagat

it is very dangerous to change in climate. there are so many problems in change of environment. breath problems, heart problems, and so many problems are created in polluted environment change.

Melting Ice Caps
by: Anonymous

I am indeed concerned about melting ice caps. However, this is a good website. I made me think. When will governments make the tough choices to deal with the problem?

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