Eyes in the Sky

by Amy B
(Brandon, SD)

♪ I can Read your Mind ♫

♪ I can Read your Mind ♫

Weather satellites are a very important tool in the art and science of weather forcasting. Data gathered from satellite images allows meteorologists to predict future weather events based on thier observations of the speed and direction that air masses are moving in.

Satellite technology, coupled with modern radar technology have enabled meteorologists to become more effective in their long term forcasts, enabling he public to make preparations for severe / dangerous storm events such as blizzards or potential severe weather outbreaks during the summer months.

Other uses for Satellites

Weather satellites can perform functions other than tracking weather patterns. Perhaps the most obvious use of these "eyes in the sky" would be for defense or spying applications. They could also be used to monitor for environmental changes and drought and flood monitoring.

Barry's Response - That's right, Amy. Hundreds of satellites remain in orbit, for a variety of purposes. The one used to provide photographic images for Google Earth is just one more example. Others include communications such as satellite radio and TV, and GPS satellites.

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by: henry

It's true that satellites technology have many benefits, especially on weather forecasting, but without proper ground technology, the use of satellites would be in vain. Most of the ground equipment runs on batteries, mainly because they have to receive a huge amount of data from the satellites, that will be used later for weather forecasts or other purposes.

by: Paul

Satellites are truly our eyes in the sky. The artificial satellites help us to have a check on the climatic changes and the other changes that are taking place in the outer space.

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