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Global economics and global warming

by Eric
(New Jersey)

Green Market

Green Market

With the competitive global marketplace set up the way it is, there has to be a united effort from major economic powers of the world to control the global warming situation. Significant change, I feel, cannot stem only from the consumer.

Barry's Response - The consumer is also the voter. We are also the masses. We have the ability to submit editorials to newspapers, forums and websites like this one. We contact politicians directly. We also vote with our wallets.

On a larger scale, we can provide funding to special interest groups, information dissemination efforts (including astroturfing), corporate lobbying...anything that will lead to more discussion in important circles. About this important subject. It has become quite a political issue over the last couple of decades.

What about business? Business provides innovative technologies that will, over time, allow us to accomplish our day-to-day objectives in a more efficient manner. One that has a decreased environmental impact in general. Business also has a great deal of political clout. That influence can and will affect environmental policy.

For those not familiar with the concerns, have a look at the Air Pollution and Global Warming page. It will serve as a helpful introduction.

We are not powerless, and can gang up to make the changes we need to see.

Good luck to all of us. We'll need it. We'll solve this.

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