global Warming and its basics

by Bon jovi

Global warming, aye?

Global warming, aye?

There is no such thing as global warming, plain and simple. Al Gore just needed some scam to get rich from and boy did he pick a good one!

Just because we have climate changes does not mean the earth is warming do to humans. If you look back in history, during World War II was the time period in which humans had put out the most CO2 in history and did the earth get hotter? No it included one of the coldest winters in U.S. history.

And how about this past winter and how much snow the earth got? If the earth was warming up, then why did some places in the world recieve the most snow they have ever had in decades?

Barry's Response - So that's where my car is...thanks for finding it.

Those are good observations, BJ. And it speaks more for the regular anomalies that occur in weather patterns than any long term trend, real or fictitious.

Even if the weather goes nuts, even if it occurs over a long period of time (and entire season or longer), that does not constitute evidence to confirm nor deny global warming. Precipitation events especially do not help build a story of any kind. It only indicates the quantity of water present.

Causes can be simplified by saying something like "Oh, it was an El Niño year" or chalking it up to pure chance. Both of these answers can be correct at times. Both MAY even explain the whole story, sometimes.

But what about global warming? How can this lead to snow, of all things. Well, this idea is not completely bonkers. If extra heat trapped in the earth-atmosphere system goes largely into the oceans (which it does), that gives the water more energy to evaporate and put more moisture into the air in the first place. Thus leading to the potential for more intense precipitation, regardless of type.

Global warming is expected to lead to higher variations in the temperature, and nobody is expecting a gentle uniform temperature increase across the earth, though that is not impossible either. One thing the scientific community expects that is not obvious is the relocation of some of the world's dry and moist areas. And maybe longer droughts and/or greater precipitation overall.

Its complexities are what lead to all the controversy we have seen over the last couple decades. Nobody has all the answers. Nobody can predict this thing with great precision and accuracy. Nobody really expects consistency.

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