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And a lovely tree it is...

And a lovely tree it is...

Today, we are all facing a very big problem of global warming. We should all protect our world from the global warming.

Every body should take care of the earth. In one idea is, every body should grow at least one plant in every body's house. This will definitely help to protect our earth from global warming.

Barry's Response - It's a start...and at the very least it will make your place a better one. Think Globally Act Locally and thank you for your input.

That means take the future of the planet into consideration when making decisions of your own. We now consider an act's effects on the global environment, economy and political landscape for instance.

Who? Individuals (such as the tree planting scenario above), corporations, governments and academia. Generally, anybody who can improve environmental conditions should do so with global environmental concerns kept in mind.

There is a history to the concept, our ancestors worked together in their own communities and instinctively knew to protect their immediate environments and the flora and fauna in them. Long before anybody applied the label grassroots to their efforts. This happened for centuries before there was any need for governments to intervene.

Then what happened? Greed set in. People found ways to automate processing of environmental resources and make huge profits. They took their focus off of sustainability and chose exploitation instead. Now, with modern knowledge, we can turn that around again while making the two drivers mutually compatible. It's happening.

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