Global Warming, ha!

No Warming Happenin' Here

No Warming Happenin' Here

It is -28 C here right now, and this is a warm day. Don't talk to me about global warming. It's a religion, it is all theoretical, with plenty of evidence against it.

Barry's Response - Would you look at that photo? Regardless of where it came from, it shows us a nice frosty landscape. Thank you.

You have made a point that others have made as well, to which the "pro global warming" group responds with something like...

"Global warming does not mean it will become warmer everywhere, all the time." No matter who denies it, the existence and cause of GW are still up for debate.

They have a valid point as well. The underlying thing here is that weather is, perhaps, the most complicated thing in the world, and we can look for trends and anomalies, and all we will have are statistics, trends and anomalies. They are not the fundamental drivers.

Person A can be right some of the time; person B will be right at others. How do you tell who will be right when? You can't really. There are thousands of independent variables working simultaneously to alter the weather and we try to boil it down to a few statistical parameters and say "That's it!" Doesn't work.

We will get better at this but will we ever get it right? We'll see.

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by: Anonymous

This is crap That so called photo is a screen save for a com.

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