Global Warming Klan

They're Coming to Take me Away,  Ha Ha!

They're Coming to Take me Away, Ha Ha!

We the people are the cause of the global warming I say we all should die so the planet could live the way it is.

I also want to destroy everything that causes global warming because THIS is our only one planet an we should protect it with everything we got. If we want our babies to live we should kill at least one billion people or more.

Barry's Response - hmmmm....did you have a specific one-billion in mind? I could think of a few individuals to throw into that group.

While you're counting, here are a few other interesting ideas of how to handle global warming. Have fun with these.

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There has been changes in our views regarding global warming and climate change over time.

- The scientific consensus on human-caused climate change has grown over the years. As more evidence came into being, the scientific community arrived at a consensus that greenhouse gas emissions are driving global warming.

- Concern about global warming and climate change has grown significantly with evermore media coverage. Climate change used to be a niche issue, but it's become a mainstream topic, with more people receiving messages of its urgency and potential consequences.

- International Cooperation: Climate change has evolved in terms of international cooperation and commitment. In 1992, the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) was adopted, leading to the Kyoto Protocol in 1997 and the Paris Agreement in 2015. Global collaboration is becoming more important to mitigate and adapt to climate change thanks to these agreements.

- Globally, governments are shifting their policies and priorities on climate change. In many countries, renewable energy targets, carbon pricing mechanisms, and climate action plans have been implemented. There's a shift in indoctrination of the importance of low-carbon economies and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

- Business and industry engagement: Businesses and industries are becoming more aware of climate change's risks and opportunities. Companies are adopting sustainable practices, investing in renewable energy, and disclosing their carbon footprints. There's a growing understanding that tackling climate change has economic benefits, too.

Global warming and climate change have evolved from initial skepticism or limited awareness to greater consensus, concern, and action at the scientific, societal, governmental, and corporate levels. A reasonable person is skeptic about some aspects of climate science, but also acknowledges the importance of environmental protection and energy independence.

Due to the extreme nature of the statement you provided above, it's likely anyone in a position of responsibility wouldn't endorse or support violence or intentionally causing harm. To fight climate change and protect the environment, he might emphasize balanced and realistic approaches.

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You wish is just around the corner
by: KOTO

Many will die, if not by contaminated water, food, earthquakes, flooding, fire, war or all of the above.

Too many people either don't care, know or understand what they, we are doing to Mother Nature.

Each and every one of us needs to do our part, be it removing dangers from our land and waterways. Wherever we are, we ALL need to do our part. It is easy to gripe and complain; it takes a really concerned person to do something about it. People hear what we say, but see what we do and seeing is believing.

May I suggest now that you have expressed yourself in words, now start doing something. Educate your friends and neighbors. Set examples. Advertise the problem on your storm drains by painting awareness messages on them, clean your neighborhood, be part of the solution (not the pollution) and just maybe you can start to save this beautiful place in which we all live. Also, The Powers Above will see what you are doing.

May inner-wealth, health, happiness and peace be with you.

NOW is the only time there is, What will YOU do today to help MOTHER NATURE?

From Barry - Environmental evolution is happening now, and its effects are becoming more evident every day. Reducing our reliance on carbon sources that are contributing to global warming is a good way to reduce its impacts.

Making simple lifestyle changes, like using renewable energy, conserving energy, and reducing animal products, can help reduce our carbon footprint (the amount of carbon released per person) and maybe even slow climate change.

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