Global Warming Questions

by Shauna
(Westminster, Colorado USA)

Global Warming Temperature Trend

Global Warming Temperature Trend

I Have a list of global warming questions:

1. What are your thoughts on global warming? Does it exist? How serious do you think it is?

2. What signs is the weather showing that could mean that our climate is changing?

3. What do you think have been the big factors that have raised red flags to scientists that this is becoming a potentially large problem?

4. How are scientists researching the issue?

5. How can people help stop/change the problem?

6. What could possibly happen to Earth’s climate in the future if nothing changes?

7. Do you think people are in denial about global warming? Why?

8. What do you think are some common misconceptions about global warming?

Barry's Response

Loaded questions.

1. Global warming - is it serious? It can be. Even though we think we know a few things, no one knows what the ramifications will be. You've probably heard some of these before. Climate change is mostly known for the rising of sea-levels and flooding coastal cities. It's expensive. I think it's permanent. Has it happened suddenly? Not like Hurricane Katrina. We've got a few decades to move. Like the song says, buy that ocean front property in Arizona.

2. Evidence. Global warming can explain anything interesting. Maybe they're right. Katrina, for instance, but not tsunamis. Is there anyone who knows for sure who's right? Norms and deviations are everything. Things like this happen all the time. It seems like these deviations are getting bigger and bigger. Yeah, we're better at witnessing, right?

3. We need to change how we produce and consume energy to stop global warming. Some fuels warm the planet and it can have serious economic and political repercussions. This problem needs to be solved by us, our governments, corporations, and individuals (i.e., innovators and entrepreneurs). Some industries use and produce carbon-based fuels that make it hard for the government to stop global warming. Governments may not be able to reduce greenhouse gas emissions as effectively as they should. Then again, can governments do anything effectively? Maybe it's up to corporations to take responsibility and contribute to solutions. Companies have a big opportunity when it comes to global warming. Carbon emissions have already been reduced by some companies, but powerful industries might not. Everyone can help by being aware of their consumption habits and speaking up. With the right effort, a better future is possible.

4. Research - We've been tracking it for decades. At most points and elevations, you can measure the temperature. They've changed slowly but steadily over the last century. These changes are compared to past centuries, millennia, eons, etc. Also, we've tracked atmospheric CO2 (and other greenhouse gases). There's a lot of data on the internet. Some of it is valuable. There's a good overview on Wikipedia. Start here -

5. Maybe you're assuming people caused it if you ask how they can stop it. They can't be involved. Geological cycles and astronomical cycles also affect our climate (see ).

6. If nothing changed, Earth wouldn't be Earth. We'd all die without dynamic nature in our ecosystem. What if anthropogenic climate change continues (maybe that's what you're asking for)? Other than the changes already happening, maybe nothing. There might be a lot. We don't want to know. It doesn't seem like there's much choice. See how well they listen if they march around an active volcano with their "stop global warming" signs, regardless of what activists say.

7. What's the point of denial? There are a lot of people in denial about it. There are other people who know a lot about it. There are a lot of people who claim to know a lot but don't. How do they differ?

8. Examples of misinformation: It's not happening. It won't be as bad as it seems. It'll be worse than it really is. It's gonna happen. There's something we can do. There's nothing we can do. There's no hope.

There you go! It was hard to get through this without belittling Al Gore.

Search this site for more information now.

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by: Anonymous

The modern era is of the era of competition between all nations of the world. To live in a respectable and honorable meaning the competition is compulsory and competition is not possible without education. We can say that to compete the whole world we should increase literacy rate.

From Barry - **steps up on soap-box** Knowledge comes from education. Competition helps cultivate a sense of excellence and encourages people to strive for it. Everyone should have access to education, no matter their background.

I try to help. **thank you**

Global Warming
by: Anonymous

I feel that there should be more detail and information. I also feel that you need to spice it up a little. For example different fonts, colors and graphics.

I thought it was interesting but like I said above it needed more detail.

I would not explore here but I would explore somewhere else.

From Barry - My team can keep readers engaged by adding more detail and interesting visuals as it breaks up the text, making it easier to read. Using different fonts and colors to emphasize important points makes the text easier to read.

Global Warming
by: Anonymous

I feel there is something missing. Not enough information. I do like the issues that where covered.

It was interesting but I feel that there should be more details.

No I would not like to explore more of this site.

From Barry - In contrast, some might think this site has just the right amount of info. I've heard others indicate they appreciate like how it covers a range of topics without overloading readers.

I do keep trying to improve it, though.

Global Warming
by: Anonymous

I really enjoyed the article on global warming. I really liked the issues that where discussed. I especially liked the issue about money and politics.

The reason why liked this issue is because whoever is in power at the time always says that they do not have enough money to help with global warming. I think it is time to step in and make changes into our everyday lives since the government will not help much.

No I would not like to explore the site anymore.

From Barry - I'm glad you enjoyed this piece on global warming! It's fascinating how money and politics are intertwined. Also, It's true that addressing climate change often requires a concerted effort from different sectors.

Because governmental actions can sometimes be limited by budget constraints, it's up to us as a society to take the initiative and make meaningful changes. We can make the world a better place by adopting sustainable practices and embracing innovation.

I agree with you that positive change can start at the grassroots. Explore your curiosity and find ways to make a difference!

More Analysis
by: Robert

I would have liked to have seen some more analysis on the cause and effects of certain actions. I wasn't convinced by the responses.
Also in terms of formatting on the page, maybe is a good idea to link the question to the responses. Its a little annoying to scroll up and down.
And move the graph off to the side, if you want to grab my attention I'd say bump up the text. Just a suggestion.

From Barry - More detailed analysis would help readers understand the causes and effects of the actions discussed. In addition, linking the questions and answers was supposed to make it easier for readers to follow the conversation.

global warming
by: Anonymous

I really appreciate the content written by the author. It is obviously an alarming issue and author has provided nice little evidences to this.

From Barry - Through my research and analysis of the issue, I've tried to provide an accurate understanding of the problem. It's kind of a big problem...more than a single webpage can solve.

Additionally, if I had sourced reliable evidence to back up the claims and cited them unambiguously, the article would have been even more convincing. But alas, this format is more-or-less a casual conversation.

Global Warming
by: Anonymous

It's not clear to me what the author of the post is trying to say.Anyways global warming is an issue which has to be taken care of.

From Barry - Greenhouse gases, like carbon dioxide and methane, may lead global warming. Gases like these trap heat, melting ice caps, rising sea levels, and different weather.

Why are you asking?
by: Arielle

My first thought on seeing this post was that the author is fishing for the answers to a school assignment. "Shauna" doesn't seem very authoritative. The chart would have been better if the caption said where it came from. However, the response seems well-thought out and useful.

The site looks a little amateurish (on Firefox anyway). It could benefit from better care taken on the typography in the links. It seems superficial of me, but it makes me doubt the accuracy of the data. So I wouldn't look at it the way it is now, but if I thought it held useful and accurate information I would come back to it.

From Barry - You're right to be wary of data that looks sloppy and unprofessional. Typography can also affect user experience and make people less likely to return. Having a clear source and explanation of the data would make any chart more credible.

A Reasoned View
by: Anonymous

It was quite interesting and the viewpoint was calm and the upshot really was "who the hell knows?" which is about the truest thing one can say. I think the ozone hole is the most important item in this quandry since I think we are all going to burn up if it doesn't stop getting larger. That, we may (probably)have caused. The rest could be, as suggested, a cycle which cannot be altered by puny us. But, hey, politically we need to get off foreign oil, etc., so why not hang it on the warming theory. It won't hurt and IT COULD BE TRUE. At any rate, it's good for people to honor the earth and it's beauty. It improves their characters.

From Barry - The ozone hole is caused by man-made pollutants like chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs). Pollutants like these deplete the ozone layer, which protects us from UV rays.

With a thinner ozone layer, more radiation gets to the earth's surface, causing higher temperatures and global warming. To protect the ozone layer and stop global warming, we need to reduce the amount of pollutants we release into the atmosphere.

We've seen some success in this area.

Needs improvement
by: Anonymous

My first impression I like this site but it is not well designed.

The information is very interesting and more useful for all.

I would like to know more on this topic.

This sites has lot of information useful for all. It is mainly about the weather and climatic conditions.

From Barry - Perhaps it could be easier to use if the layout was improved. Additionally, the content could be better organized so readers could more easily find what they're looking for.

On top of that, I could use more visuals to make it more appealing.

Could use improvement
by: Gretchen

My first impression is that the page is not as attractive as it could be.

I do think the information is interesting, but could be presented in a different manner to make it more appealing.

I'm intregued enough to explore the site more.

If I were to search, I would look for ways to share this information with my friends.

From Barry - As well as using this information to benefit yourself, think about how this information could help your friends. Maybe this page is worth anyone's time and effort in the end.

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