global warming strategies

by gunjar

Strategies for managing global warming

Strategies for managing global warming

Barry's Response - This is a well-known image, Gunjar, but quite relevant. It shows the center of the global warming reduction theme being a system of Carbon Taxes, which may or may not achieve their purpose. Close to that idea is substituting income taxes with green and polluter taxes, making sure that everyone is required to adhere to the system, including those individuals and industries who may feel privileged because their operations existed before the new legislation at hand (that's what grandfathering means).

Other tactics, placed on the periphery of the diagram, include:
  • keeping the energy distribution system up to date,
  • keeping excises and subsidies fair and pro-environmentally oriented,
  • giving preferential treatment, financially speaking, to those who purchase fuel efficient household items including cars,
  • providing incentives for homeowners to make their palaces as efficient as practicable,
  • further increase the availability and use of alternative sources of energy, and discouraging energy providers from profiting proportionally to GHG emissions.

The diagram provides a quick look at the big picture for designing and implementing policies to guide consumer and industrial practices in order while preserving the environment.

Anyway, good infographic and thank you for sending it my way. I notice it does NOT imply a population cull (see below).

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global warming
by: Anonymous

The strategies mentioned here might work, but one should remember that it is our own doing that is causing global warming and I don't expect things would get back to normal by a few hands joined together. I have read from about how the Earth is falling apart and how man is the root cause for all the damage. I believe there is no strategy that can undo what has already been done and the only way I see is mass extinction resembling that of ice age.

by: william

I believe overpopulation is the problem for all the climate problems. If there weren't so many people, the amount of pollution produced wouldn't matter. That means no global warming, or a least a super slow unnoticable one. Also, not that many trees would be needed and deforestation and the releasing of carbon pools wouldn't be an issue. Sea pollution would be minimal to the point it doesn't matter either. The earth can support 1.6 billion people properly.

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