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Humor brings joy to life. It's almost as universal as a smile when it comes to communicating.

In our society, we enjoy funny pictures; we deal with heated issues in a facetious manner sometimes. It gives us perspective. Then we evaluate or solve problems with clearer minds. All the while having some fun.

Want to find some useful editorial global warming cartoons to use? This page has environmental humor and worthwhile pics. You can get licensed to use these for newsletters, presentations, publications, merchandise and websites.

A good one (from 2007) had two lizards basking in the sun. One says to the other, "Dang penguins and polar bears. If we were just cuter, people might embrace global warming as the truly wonderful thing that it is. Why can't they just go with the floe?"

It all depends on your point of view. Check back at the Google page regularly for updates and more funny weather jokes.

Animated Global Warming Cartoons

Example Cartoon - Futurama

Go to and type in these keywords: Futurama Al Gore Global and see what you get.

The one I saw features Gore beating up a robot. Google this: futurama global warming cartoon and see what comes up this time.

An Inconvenient Truth showed us something interesting. One of the more amusing global warming cartoons we've ever seen.

It's an excerpt from the Crimes of the Hot episode of Futurama, with this example of global warming cartoons entitled None like it Hot. A fine instance of treating symptoms while ignoring the problem.

It's only about two minutes long: Here's a transcript.

  • Opening scene: Little girl exits a building with an ice cream cone. It quickly melts and disappears. She starts to cry & a man approaches while chuckling.
  • Man: You're probably wondering why your ice cream went away. Well, Suzy, the culprit isn't foreigners. It's global warming.
  • Suzy: Gwoble wappo?
  • Man: Yea(?) Meet Mister Sun Beam. He comes all the way from the sun to visit the Earth. (We see a man made of fire happily strolling through space toward the earth)
  • Sun Beam: Hello Earth - Just popping in to brighten your day. [starts singing] La la la...And now I'll be on my way! (A green vapour-thug stops him)
  • Thug: Not so fast Sun Beam. We are Greenhouse Gases; you ain't goin' nowhere. (Several thugs join in and start beating Sun Beam unconscious)
  • Sun Beam: [moans] Oh God! It hurts.
  • Man: Pretty soon Earth is chalk full of sun Beams, their rotting corpses heating our atmosphere. (We see a stack of deceased Sun Beam figures lying on the ground, as the thugs give an evil laugh)
  • Suzy: How do we get wid of de gweenhouse gwasses? (They are now in a class room with her sitting in a student's desk.)
  • Man: Fortunately, our handsome-est politicians came up with a cheap (last minute) way to combat global warming. Ever since 2063 we simply drop a giant ice cube into the ocean, every now and then. (We see a space ship releasing an ice block into the ocean)
  • Suzy: Just like Daddy puts in his dwink every morning...and den he gets mad.
  • Man: [Continuing] Of course, since the Green House Gases are still building up, it takes more & more ice each time. Thus solving the problem once and for all. (Same space ship, bigger ice block)
  • Suzy: But...
  • You had to be there, I guess. You can probably find The Simpsons, Family Guy, Spongebob Squarepants and other contemporary cartoons that address the issue of global warming in a humorous way as well.

    It's all in fun! The subject gets quite a bit of treatment from live action comedy as well. Check this out - viewer discretion advised:

    Finally, those who like the off-beat comedy of Sarah Silverman might appreciate a short parody of An Inconvenient Truth she did called "A Very Convenient Truth".

    Not exactly global warming cartoons, but hilarious just the same. Find it online as well; it should be worth it. It reflects the sentiment that not everyone agrees global warming is a bad thing. A few Canadians are even looking forward to it.

    Go back from Global Warming Cartoons to the Solution Global Warming web page, or visit the Stuff in the Air homepage. Feel free to leave your comments below.

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