global warming the mass destruction

by mohit pareek
(mumbai, maharahstra, india)

global warming

global warming

Global warming has become a major concern for the world today. The green house effect is the talk of the world now as every body is concerned by the increase in carbon emission in the world.

Global warming is caused by the increase in the pollution level in the environment which is mainly caused by the carbon emission and river pollution which ultimately lead to increase in the global temperature. The industries operating in the existing world are mainly responsible for this big issue. They pollute our air, water and land by their harmful chemicals which they drop in air and water.

It is not a political issue but our great politicians are trying to make it a political issue for their own good.

Barry's Response - This is the first time I've seen this earth-on-fire drawing in a global warming context. Not everyone will agree with you, Mohit, and not everyone will think "global warming: the mass destruction of humankind". But a lot of people do. Maybe even a majority.

Here are some questions and answers that address your concerns. See if you agree with this list of short global warming discussions. Hope this helps.

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Global warming is generally attributed to human activities, but natural factors can also influence the Earth's climate.

These natural factors have been studied in relation to global warming:

- Climate changes can be caused by changes in the sun's activity. Solar variability is the sun's natural cycle of increasing and decreasing energy output. Solar flares and sunspots can affect the amount of energy reaching Earth's atmosphere.

- Volcanic Activity: Volcanic eruptions release a lot of volcanic gases and aerosols into the atmosphere. Aerosols can reflect sunlight back into space, causing a temporary cooling effect. In comparison to human-induced global warming, volcanic activity has a relatively small impact on long-term warming.

- Earth's orbit around the sun changes over time, including eccentricity, axial tilt, and precession. Milankovitch cycles can change how solar energy is distributed across the planet, affecting climate patterns over thousands of years.

- Natural sources, like wetlands and oceans, release greenhouse gases like methane and carbon dioxide. These emissions are part of the natural carbon cycle, but they're relatively balanced by the Earth's natural processes that absorb and recycle them.

It's important to note that while these natural factors can have some influence on climate variability, the overwhelming scientific consensus (i.e., collection of opinions) supports the conclusion that humans, particularly burning fossil fuels, are the predominant cause of the recent global warming trend.

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good post
by: Heathleah

Your said right that Global warming has become a major concern for all over the World. It's the cause of mass destruction. So, we must think to control the effects of it. Other wise in near future we must face very dangerous diseases and other sun related harmful effects as well. I hope the major and developed countries make a team to research about it and try to minimize the effect of global warming on the mass or earth. any way, I like to find out when i saw this post about global warming like to participate.

From Barry - Global warming needs to be reduced by all of us. To reduce emissions and promote renewable energy, governments and businesses should invest in green initiatives. Last but not least, we should all take responsibility for our own actions.

The release of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere traps heat and causes global warming. The result is rising sea levels, extreme weather events, and a loss of biodiversity. By reducing emissions, increasing energy efficiency, and investing in renewable energy, we can mitigate the effects of global warming.

by: Ben

Yeah! Of course, global warming is the major concern that discussed today across the world. I know that the excess emission of carbon is the main reason behind this concern. The number of vehicles is increasing day by day and it leads to the increase in carbon emission. So we have to think seriously about this situation, and how to remedy it.

From Barry - Sometimes ya gotta stop and think, though. Some scientists think global warming isn't solely caused by humans, but rather is a natural phenomenon. The Earth does go through warming and cooling cycles, and we're in a warming cycle right now.

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