Harming the Land and Animals

by Raquel Kirchen
(Kinchloe, MI 49788)

A lovely day at the beach

A lovely day at the beach

Why do people have to do this to our land? Do they think that this is going to just disappear? We all need to stop this before it gets way worse!

Polluting the earth and the animals is going to make our world a living hell. People need to get a more caring heart rather than just saying, "I don't care, it's not doing anything to me," to themselves. Come on people, do something for your world instead of hurting it more.

So, people may say that they don't care, we can do whatever we want, it's not hurting us or the world is just making it way better. I have a question to everyone: do you guys think it's great the way you talk like this and don't care?

Barry's Response - You are so right, and it's so rightly put. Thanks Raquel.

You know, usually people's thinking affects their outward choices and behaviours, but when it comes to environmental topics and actions, the reverse appears to take place. We end up with a space, a void between our thoughts/words and our actions, where people have a hard time learning to "practice what your preach."

You ever notice that? Some authors have even called this common phenomenon the "value-action gap". The fact is, each decision a consumer (for example) makes is not based on a simple, single parameter (such as nutrition), but rather a complex composite of many factors, potentially, any of which may receive the greatest weighting at any given time (such as cost, the day before payday).

Laws, deadlines and consequences are three effective ways of bringing actions in line with community values, even if they do seem a little coercive. Can you think of any others?

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save earth
by: regina

The skies, seas, plants, animals and everything is the gift of god to us. And the sad part is we humans are destroying that gift through the pollution. We must take some necessary measures to save our earth and animals and all living beings.

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