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Hated It

by Jackie
(cape coral, fl, usa)

A New Use for Al Gore

A New Use for Al Gore

There is a lot of money to be made by scaring us into "going green". I absolutely believe that we are devastating this planet, however- I believe that we are being conned as to where and how much we are having an effect across the Earth. This is keeping us from devoting time and money to the areas where we can create a positive change. This is passifying our polluted consciouses while others maintain their interests. An "Inconvenient Truth" is a real life version of Michael Chrichton's "State of Fear."

I want to do my part, but I want my part to be based off of fair and interest-free science. I don't want to be "inspired" by Al Gore into making phony green purchases- like a hybrid car with their short-lived lead batteries. I'm not donating money to the "dwindling" ice caps while my neighborhood falls apart. Let's get real, educate ourselves, and stop falling prey to overinflated data.

Barry's Response - Good points. Prioritization of resource-allocation is of prime importance. Gore did introduce to the masses a new set of ideals to which some resources can be directed, in the form of global warming research for instance. The grand wholesale policy and consumer behaviour modifications, however, are only partially justified. As time wears on we shall strike a balance.

I loved "State of Fear", by the way, especially the essay about eugenics and its comparison to the recent global warming scare. I've been hoping for a movie version of the story.

Thanks for your input, Jackie.

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Every Litter Bit Hurts
by: KOTO, One of the keepers of the ocean

Aloha Jackie:

Taking care of your neighborhood is the best way to make a difference - by walking the walk, setting examples and watching our waste water as the environments downstream are being contaminated by people.

Also, what I frequently call Waster-Sizing: go to a park, beach, lake, wherever people go to relax. Please look around and see if it is a safe place for children or animals to be. If not, bend at the waist & pick up the waste; this way you can get rid of both and reap the benefits of exercise and helping mother nature at the same time.

Because some refuse takes many years to bio-degrade, it contaminates our water, both our drinking water supply and the natural environment our fish grow in. Take care of where we live and educate the children so they can teach their parents. One day at a time, please.

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