Low tide on most days

by Gerry Rasmus

Plastic Kills Sea and Land Life

Plastic Kills Sea and Land Life

We here at Pollution Solution do our best to remove everything made by man from the beach and ocean. Plastic, Butts, Battries, Fishing gear, Diapers, Glass, Lighters, Shoes, Tires. The list goes on.

Some people see what we are doing, some help, some think, and some could care less. Walking the walk is not always easy, but you get results. Just knowing that you're reaching out for the Voiceless has many rewards.

The children, wildlife, natural waterways Buddha, God. They all thank you in one way or another. We wish the rest of the human race could understand this and also do their part.

We, here at Pollution Solution, call it Waster-Sizing. All one needs to do is bend at the (waist) to pick up the (waste) and get rid of both. You're exercising and hearing the cry of mother nature at the same time. Taking care of yourself and Earth. The rewards are priceless.

One Random Act of Kindness at a Time.

With Aloha Gerry aka KOTO

Barry's Response - Whatever works, Gerry. Hopefully you draw a crowd.

See photos and videos of Gerry and his group in action - solution2pollution.blogspot.ca/2012/07/pollution-solution-certificate-of.html Gerry has made many valuable contributions to this website over the years.

Hope exists that our oceans will benefit from special efforts of people just like this. I am a thousand kilometres from the nearest coast and only experience this vicariously, however that doesn't prevent me from caring or helping spread the word.

Let's find a way.

Have a look at the grisly consequences of this garbage both in this video presentation:

...and the Chris Jordan documentary Midway - Message from the Gyre. This will become a major issue over time.

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