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I loved the movie Twister.

by Chris

Real life twister

Real life twister

I thought Twister was a great movie. It was also a good way to learn something you might otherwise not be interested in finding out about.

The article here is good, but was a little confusing. To me, using movies or television shows as learning tools is a brilliant idea. Viewers end up learning about weather (or whatever the particular movie is based around) without really even realizing that they are learning anything. It's also a fun way to learn something that might otherwise seem boring or confusing for many people.

I can see how this particular article pertains to the movie Twister. In the movie the main characters are storm chasers and use a lot of equipment to find out where the tornadoes are and where they might be headed. They obviously paid a lot of attention to moving systems and changing air currents.

In my opinion, this genre of movie is great. Learning through entertainment is a wonderful way of getting that information out to a large audience. If you were to add in too much scientific information and technical language it would end up being more like an educational film. Many people would probably end up passing over a movie choice like that in favor of something more entertaining.

Barry's Response - When Michael Crichton becomes involved, Chris, it becomes a matter of equal parts entertainment and education.

Here's more about it at https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0117998/

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by: Korrey

This was one of the movies, which I had watched during my school days. If my memory serves right, I saw this movie while I was in 2nd standard. It was such drooling experience back then but I felt odd seeing the ratings in rotten tomatoes to be so bad.

I liked it
by: Sekiryu

i think i view this movies a 5 times. but i very liked it. It make me few emotionals.

by: Ginny

I related to the movie, "Twister", since I live in a hurricane-prone area. The acting was really good and the special effects were also. The movie's plot about trying to learn more about these weather phenomenons was something everyone should be aware of and take seriously. It's so important to people living in places where twisters can take lives that these issues be brought to the forefront. Also, I loved the Aunt and her role in the movie; also loved her steak and eggs breakfast! That these twisters are survivable if someone is outdoors when they pass over is questionable, however. But that's Hollywood!

Barry's Response - Maybe you should get a job forecasting storms at the National Weather Center.

by: Anonymous

I agree. I think it is a great movie especially for learning about weather.

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