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by Mackey
(Northern NY)

Theoretical Radar Beam Height

Theoretical Radar Beam Height

This article was very interesting. It does get a little technical for lower grade levels, but anyone interested in Math from the higher high school grades and up, should be able to understand what is being discussed here. Also, it gives answers to the age-old high school question: When is this going to help me in the REAL world?

Math is used in so many ways when it comes to weather forecasting and reporting. For example: Temperature, wind speed, rain fall amount...heck, almost any stat uses mean, median and mode. You also use math when finding readings for the various weather devices.

Without specific math knowledge, weather forecasters would never be able to do their job.
I think that the general public should know this kind of information so they have a better understanding of what they are being told. If they understood how the radar readings are done, they may be able to look at radar maps themselves to determine what to wear next week when you go to Ohio.

Knowing what the weather is going to do is important for anyone who spends any time travelling, outdoors, or even playing sports. Better understanding of the math that is involved can make everyone more prepared.

Barry's ResponseMackey:

That's correct. For any career in science or business, mathematics will be a needed tool. Make sure your math and communication skills are developed to a high level for your best chances of success.

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