Is it our fault

The Gory Details

The Gory Details

global warming may not only be caused by man. Some people think that global warming is natural because the greenhouse effect is natural.

Air comes down to earth it is absorbed and then sent back to the greenhouse gasses and is trapped there warming our earth.

Barry's Response - Are you saying the heat is trapped? Things like An Inconvenient Truth and National Geographic can make people think it's our fault. Take a look at The Big Thaw (2007 article). With either of these two sources, ice cover shrinks, sea levels rise seemingly indefinitely, and inland water supply will dry up.

The public still thinks humans cause global warming. There have been counterarguments and will continue to be. People will think what they want to think, and sometimes new knowledge will change their minds.

You can now sanctify yourself by buying carbon indulgence credits. You're not guilty anymore. Hmm... I wonder if mother nature will help.

Take a look at this interesting 3-page article on some thoughts on the subject of global warming. See who you agree with.

Search this site for more information now,

Global warming may have natural causes, as the greenhouse effect is indeed a natural phenomenon.

The consensus among experts and the weight of scientific evidence are important, though.

Human activities have contributed significantly to the current phase of global warming, according to the scientific consensus. Deforestation, organic fuel burning, and industrial processes release greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, amplifying the natural greenhouse effect. As greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide and methane increase, more heat is trapped in the atmosphere.

Human activity has been linked to climate change in multiple studies. Thousands of climate scientists from around the world make up the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), which consistently reports human-induced global warming. The assessments show greenhouse gas emissions drive climate change in a comprehensive way.

Furthermore, historical data and climate records show a significant correlation between global temperatures and industrialization since the mid-20th century. During the same period, human activities led to an increase in greenhouse gas emissions.

Although natural factors can influence climate, the current rate and magnitude of global warming are unprecedented and can't be solely attributed to them. To mitigate global warming's impacts and transition to a more sustainable future, it seems we need to take collective action.

Scientific research, data analysis, and expert consensus are crucial to addressing this issue. As we acknowledge our role in the problem, we are taking responsibility and coming up with solutions that safeguard our environment while promoting economic growth.

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