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Is it our fault

The Gory Details

The Gory Details

global warming may not only be caused by man. Some people think that global warming is natural because the greenhouse effect is natural.

Air comes down to earth it is absorbed and then sent back to the greenhouse gasses and is trapped there warming our earth.

Barry's Response - Do you mean that heat is trapped? Things like An Inconvenient Truth and National Geographic can make the public think like it is our fault. Have a look at The Big Thaw for instance (2007 article). If you go with either of these two sources, Ice cover shrinks and sea levels rise seemingly indefinitely and inland water supply shall dry up accordingly.

Public opinion still weighs heavily in favour of humans causing global warming. Counter arguments have appeared and shall continue to do so. We know people will think what they want to think, and occasionally new knowledge will alter that path.

It's all our fault, but you can now sanctify yourself by purchasing carbon indulgence credits. You are no longer guilty. Hmmmm.... I wonder if mother nature will ante up.

Take a look at this interesting 3-page article on some thoughts on the subject of global warming. See who you agree with.

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