Let's Get Real

by Bevan

Kuala Lumpur Air Pollution from Wikipedia

Kuala Lumpur Air Pollution from Wikipedia

Let's get real! It's possible that global warming is real. It's also possible that it's not. I've seen stats and data that reflects both sides of the argument.

One thing for sure, air pollution should be cleaned up. My concern here is that there seems to be extreme emphasis on Canada and the USA. Have you ever been to an Asian or Eastern European city?

Many of these cities are downright filthy. They have millions of cars on the road that are literally spewing pollution into the atmosphere in the form of blue burning oil, not to mention leaded gas.

These vehicles are not the exception they are the norm. These vehicles would be removed by the authorities if they were on our roads in Canada or the USA. You can't walk down the street in one of these cities without wearing a dust mask or handkerchief over your nose and mouth. In fact this is common practice. The air in these cities literally stinks.

Industry in these cities and countries is equally as bad. Their laws and guidelines are broken or non-existent. I saw a documentary on China, and in parts of that country the rain tastes like vinegar. I know of no place like this in Canada. Nor, are there any cities like the polluted Asian cities in Canada.

So, the first place to start cleaning up, whether or not there's really global warming, would be these terrible Asian and Eastern European cities. Maybe we can even raise their standard of living and make them first world countries in the process.

Let's get real about billions of dollars being spent on military weapons in a useless war. Imagine if that coin had been spent on cleaning up our environment!

Another thing, why don't we go to mass production of hemp for paper, clothing, and any other products this highly renewable resource allows? I realize that it would be a loss of revenue from a certain industry (pulp and paper) but it would save our forests.

The recent state of the economy has caused a lot of concern with industry. The automotive industry is in a dire situation because of their inability to properly manage and run a company. It has nothing to do with the economy.

Many jobs would be lost if this industry were to fail. Well, maybe,
certain 'professionals' suggest they wouldn't actually fail after going into bankruptcy, they'd just have to consolidate, re-organize and prove that they are responsible managers/companies.

I truly doubt that they will change their current management philosophy into a responsible one. In fact, I'd predict, unless they are forced to make a highly operational and functional electric car and other products, that in a few years things will not have changed and they will be in financial trouble again.

My point here is two-fold. The first is there are many ruses laid to fool the commoner (us). This is whether the ruse is with respect to a war, stock market, industry, environment, etc. We are often fooled and we fall for it.

The second is why wouldn't government be promoting change with regard to the auto industry? Why are they still producing large, gas-guzzling vehicles? It doesn't matter that these vehicles are in high demand. The truth is that almost no one can truly afford these vehicles without going into large amounts of debt.

When you combine this with the other costs of life (mortgage debt, food, utilities, entertainment, etc.) then you know you can't afford these vehicles. This goes for a house that is too big for your budget as well. And other not required, so called necessities of life.

My point is, with regard to global warming, I don't know if the believers are correct. That is, is global warming entirely from man polluting the earth? But, it's a certainty, that we should not be breathing polluted air no matter the source. We shouldn't be destroying our forests when there are other options (hemp). We should be looking at the worst places (Asian cities) and 'fixing' them first. Out of a financial responsibility, we should be doing nearly everything we do differently, that is better.

We need a general, all-around, responsibility revolution. Where we all take responsibility for our lives in all regards: finances, health, children, education, to name a few, and as well, the environment.


As I write this it's minus twenty-eight degrees celsius out side. Yikes!

Barry's Response - Let's get real is right, Bevan. North America, along with Europe, can take leadership in this issue and show the world how to clean up our act. I hope that's what happens.

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I agree with most of this
by: Pauletta

This is an interesting website and the article was good. I agree that air pollution is of a top concern. More people throughout the world are getting breathing difficulties such as asthma, emphysema, COPD and lung cancer. But, as an American I realize that we cannot control the rest of the planet and make the foreign countries liable to our standards.

From Barry - It's true that air pollution is a major concern worldwide, and I'm glad you liked the website. As you noted, air pollution causes respiratory diseases like asthma, emphysema, COPD, and lung cancer, among others.

In spite of the fact that tackling air pollution on a global scale may seem challenging, it's important to remember that we need to work together. International collaboration and cooperation are crucial to tackling global environmental challenges, even though countries have their own standards and regulations.

Countries work together to reduce pollution and protect the environment through international agreements, like the Paris Agreement on climate change. Globally, these agreements can improve air quality by sharing knowledge, technologies, and best practices.

Individuals can also contribute to the solution by adopting sustainable practices. Together, we can reduce our carbon footprint, conserve energy, promote clean technologies, and support environmental initiatives.

Raising awareness, advocating for clean air, and supporting policies and initiatives that prioritize clean air can help create a global movement towards a healthier planet even if we don't have direct control over other countries' standards. By setting an example and inspiring others, we can contribute to a cleaner, healthier world for everyone, regardless of nationality.

very Important
by: Anonymous

It is quite a serious matter to talk about.
I quite appreciate this site for giving this kind of information. I think we all have to put our hands together to fight against all the dangerous ones affecting the world.

Arctic and Antartic Circle

by: RAM

It was a good site giving the first impression of the havoc of air pollution, like to know more about these menace.

big city big problem
by: daggett

ýf you live big city like kula lumpur or newyork or hong kong, dirty air is very big problem.I think governer must do something for this problem.

Very Real
by: justmesuzanne

The past eight years have been a time when big business has had carte blanche to run roughshod over the world and grub as much money as they possibly could. That is why big vehicles were made and marketed. That is why unsafe cars were produced and sold and pollutions spewing industries were quickly set up and cranked into operation in hungry countries without firm environmental laws in place. Yes, indeed! It is high time we put a stop to this, and hopefully, by the end of this month this rape of the environment and the world will begin to come to a screeching halt.

Good article. Good insights. Keep up that head of steam. It will be useful as we reclaim our legacy - a clean safe world with fair and equitable labor laws.

I really agree
by: Anonymousjanedoe

I believe that we have a long way to go, but it will be worth it to save our planet.

Good on yer, mate!
by: Anonymous Aussie

My first impression was, oh no, not another we're all gonna cook to death unless the ice melts and drowns us all first, but then I read more and it isn't the usual kark. I found it pretty interesting. I think I'll look around at the rest of the site. Maybe I can find more opinions that are minority opinions like mine.

Agreed, but we need more
by: Anonymous

This was an interesting article, but needs more facts, thoughts, and ideas on *what* can be done. People reading this kind of article probably agree with the sentiments expressed, and are now looking for more details on what to do. Health issues are important, as well as pointers to how to change things. It's a good point to describe the largest and worst polluters, and to say this is a good place to start, but how to influence these areas?

Well Put.
by: Charles

This write-up show insight and depth.

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