liked the old format

(Mount Forest, Ontario)

Really Old Format (1989)

Really Old Format (1989)

We really preferred the old format where you gave the local long range weather forcast. We used to tune in daily to check - and we could, every 10 minutes. Now, it just doesn't work for us anymore.

Barry's Response - I can't say I'm exactly thrilled with every change that has occurred in the programming either. That might be one of them. At least you can still get the same information from their website.

The Weather Network, "Canada's Number 1 Choice for Accurate Local Forecasts," began in the fall of 1988 and changed its name from WeatherNow to the Weather Network less than a year later. It has been owned by Pelmorex since the early 90's.

If you've been around for a few decades, you might remember TWN's on-air personalities from those early years. People like Les Krifaton (now in Las Vegas), Mark Kriski (now in Los Angeles), Luciano Pippia (now in Montreal), Frank Cavallaro (also in Montreal), Carole Jeghers, Gary Ryan, Jillian Reynolds (moved on to sports), Neil Mathur, Lise McAuley (doing weather in Montreal).

Another notable person is Chris St. Clair, a former pilot who continues to bring his dynamic presentation style to the station. He and a few other staff are members of the Canadian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society (CMOS), a professional testing and certification organization.

Later in the 90's the station moved from Montreal to Mississauga, Ontario. They later moved to Oakville.

more weather information now.

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