liked the old format

(Mount Forest, Ontario)

Really Old Format (1989)

Really Old Format (1989)

We really preferred the old format where you gave the local long range weather forcast. We used to tune in daily to check - and we could, every 10 minutes. Now, it just doesn't work for us anymore.

Barry's Response - I'm not thrilled with every change in the programming either. Maybe that's one of them.Their website still has the same info.

The Weather Network, "Canada's Number 1 Choice for Accurate Local Forecasts" was founded in 1988 and changed its name to the Weather Network less than a year later. Pelmorex owns it since the 90s.

If you've been around for a while, you might remember TWN's on-air personalities. Les Krifaton (now in Las Vegas), Mark Kriski (now in Los Angeles), Luciano Pippia (now in Montreal), Frank Cavallaro (also in Montreal), Carole Jeghers, Gary Ryan, Jillian Reynolds (moved to sports), Neil Mathur, Lise McAuley (doing weather in Montreal). There's more below...

A former pilot, Chris St. Clair, brought his dynamic presentation style to the station. The Canadian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society (CMOS) is a professional testing and certification organization and they well-recognized his capabilities.

Later in the 90s, the station moved to Mississauga. Later, they moved to Oakville. He and a few other staff are members of the Canadian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society (CMOS), a professional testing and certification organization.

Later in the 90s, the station moved to Mississauga. Then they moved to Oakville.

more weather information now. I'll try and make it a bit more interesting... 🌞🌧️🌪️

Hold onto your umbrellas and buckle up for a wild weather ride with The Weather Network's news-wheel extravaganza!

Tune into The Weather Network, and you're in a weather wonderland. This isn't your typical weather report; it's a meteorological circus! The news-wheel format spins you through a whirlwind of weather updates. Rather than guessing the price of a blender, you guess whether you'll need a raincoat or sunscreen!

Let's talk about these regional forecasts - Canada, we've got you covered! Every half-hour, The Weather Network gives you the latest weather scoop, whether you're chillin' in CowTown, sipping maple syrup in Montreal, or frolicking along the Maritime provinces' shores. Having a local weather concierge is like having a personal assistant!

Our own weather guru presents the Alberta forecast! Will it be hotter than a jalapeno in a sauna, or colder than a polar bear's toenails? Stay tuned! It gets better! The Weather Network sprinkles weather-related stories between weather reports that will tickle your funny bone. Weather is so entertaining! The stories range from epic snowball fights in Toronto to storm-chasing adventures in the Maritimes. Weather drama at its finest - it's like watching weather-themed reality TV!

Hop aboard The Weather Network's news-wheel extravaganza if you're sick of boring weather reports! You'll be giggling, gasping, and maybe even dancing in the rain on this rollercoaster of meteorological madness. Only one thing you can predict is how much fun you'll have! Let's chase those forecasts in style, weather warriors!

Among the prominent personalities associated with The Weather Network over the years are:

Debra Arbec
Carla Collins
Martine Gaillard
Ross Hull
Carolyn Jarvis
Patty Kim
Elissa Lansdell
Marcia MacMillan
Waubgeshig Rice
Scott Simms
Robin Ward
Kevin Yarde
Chris St. Clair
Kim MacDonald
Rachel Schoutsen
Mark Robinson
Nicole Karkic
Nathan Coleman
Jaclyn Whittal
Kelly Sonnenburg
Mike Arsenault

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I also miss TWN from 1988
by: Jonathan Kovach

WeatherNow started in Timmins, on Labor Day Monday 1988, the day before I started grade 5. Our local WeatherSTAR was not functional, for the first few weeks. Thus, Timmins viewers, with Northern Cable, had the bilingual priviledge of watching both English and French audio-video. Also, Timmins was the only city in Canada, without the newer STAR4000 woodgrain info-pages, from June 1st 1992.

I had to visit a neighbor and watch the channel on satellite, to figure out how both english and french channels, alternated their music and on-air content/reports.

Lastly, 6 years ago, I created my own part-time webcast with green screen and PowerPoint slides, to showcase weather in northern Ontario. All commercial-free.

From Barry - Green screens are also great for creating special effects and transitions and slides help by adding visuals and illustrations to your webcast.

With artificial intelligence and digital animation, weather presentations could be thrilling. Digital animation and AI make weather presentations more realistic and dynamic. Their vivid experience can engage and educate viewers. With this technology, you can experience the weather in a more immersive and entertaining way.

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