Little knowledge of global warning

by vazrakar
(vijayawada,andhra pradesh,india)

Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

I observe that you have very little knowledge of global warning, Their should be a strong point for this discussion to be carried on.

Everyone, knows about this fact already, try to update as much as more information other than this

One of the major causes for global warming can be attributed to the activities of man. The man which thinks of himself as the most intelligent thing on earth is knowingly or unknowingly destroying its own habitat.

The activities of man has lead to an increase in the so called greenhouse gases which include carbon dioxide, methane, nitrogen oxide etc. the gases have created an effect of green house on the earths surface which prevents the reflection of the rays from sun and thus causes the increase in temperature. Carbon dioxide concentration in the air has increased due to the emissions from cars, airplanes, power plants, industries etc. another reason for it is the deforestation. Forests have been cut down paying way for
agriculture, industries and cities. The trees were natural regulators of carbon dioxide which used to control its level’s in the atmosphere.

Another is the CFC which is used in refrigerators, in fire extinguisher’s which destroys the natural ozone layer. The ozone layer was a natural barrier which used to prevent the harmful ultra violet rays of the sun. Without this layer, the
rays fall on the earth and cause the temperature to increase.

Researchers have found an ozone hole in our atmosphere, which they say is the main reason for the melting of glacier’s in the Polar Regions. Earth which mainly consists of developing or underdeveloped countries, which holds a major population needs electricity for the day to day activities. The electricity supply is mainly satisfied by burning fossil fuels. The fossil fuel on burning releases carbon dioxide which causes global warming.

The causes of the global warming have been in work for a long time and slowly it has caused the increase in the temperature. The satisfactory fact is that at least now the governments of various countries and its people have started to understand that they are one of the causes for the global warming. Therefore combined efforts by the different countries have started to control the global warming and thereby prevent our habitat from destruction. Awareness, alternative forms of energy, conservation of energy, and reforestation can help.

These are the major causes of global warming and hopefully by taking measures we can bring this grave situation under control. If people are educated about the global warming causes, they can do what they can to
control global warming in their everyday life.

Barry's Response - I hope mankind will survive.

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Nice summary
by: Anonymous

Thank you.

Global Warning
by: Anonymous

I feel like man has caused our global warming. I hope someone changes.

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