Our environment- Our duty

by Pooja Sharma
(jain Vishwa Bharti University, Ladnun)

It's our duty

It's our duty

Our mother Earth has been giving a lot since from our journey to civilization.

Our development can be owed to our priceless mother earth only. But what we are doing is just opposite to it. Our anthropocentric attitude towards our environment has endangered all living species including human beings. We are facing the crisis of existence.

If our such attitude will continue to grow, this earth will not be in the state to be lived upon. It's our duty first to save our environment.

For that, we need to first ponder our life styles which is based upon consumerism resulting in over-exploitation of resources again resulting in degradation of environment. We need to adopt such a code of conduct which will prove to be instrumental in pulling our mother earth from crisis of extinction.

Because we are bound to bestow upon our future generations the beautiful earth to play and foster as we have been given from our ancestors, so be aware and strong enough to play a role of steward of this earth.

Barry's Response - Thank you Pooja. This makes a good start in developing a solid set of guiding principals for taking care of our home and our legacy.

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by: Amanda

This post on our duty to our mother nature was really an eye opener. All of us should consider keeping our nature clean as one of our prime duties and by this we will be able to keep our Mother Earth clean.

Expressing my thoughts
by: KOTO

I'm back!
Anonymous:, The fault lies, in my opinion, with all of us, to many people not really caring, and too many doing nothing about it.

We need to all start in our own back yards, where we live, play, work, vacation, not waiting, for the other person, or thinking, someone else will remove the trash. There are too many blind eyes and deaf ears, walking past garbage rather then reaching out and setting examples and making it safer for others. If we see discarded trash, left behind by mindless people, a caring person would remove and dispose of it properly.

KARMA is alive and well for those that leave dangers behind and for those that go the extra yard to remove it.

Suhana:, There are more then two sides to everything including coins: top, bottom, sides, to many people only see one or two ways to problems. Be open for other ways to look at things.

Samerra:, I would blame myself if I were not doing anything about the pollution except talking about it. Proper steps would be to Waster-Size, bending at the waist to pick up the waste and getting rid of both, (excess belly and trash). One would be exercising and assisting Mother Nature, at the same time, making it a safer place for all.

We are all in this neighborhood together; try and leave it better than you found it.

Asshima:, Action does speak louder than words - people hear what we say, but see what we do, and seeing is believing. One can start by notifying others of his concerns. Put out messages by stenciling little signs on storm drains where people walk and see them.

If we do our part, no matter how big or small, others see it. Some will engage and talk to the local media. Remember, the wheel that squeaks the most, gets oiled, noticed and looked at. NOW is the only time there is.

People like all of you below and Pooja are what we need to jump-start a wake-up call to others.
I hope that I made some sense and gave some ideas, May the force be with you all and may
The Powers Above Bless each and everyone of you.

With Aloha KOTO Keeper Of The Ocean

My response is on the way
by: KOTO

Aloha To Anonymous, Suhana, Sameera, Asshima and of course Pooja

This past week I have been very busy with flooding and trash removing. Not quite like THIS guy, but close:

I will share my beliefs with all of you wonderful concerned friends, soon, If you are interested in some of the things that I am involved in, please check out
solution2pollution.blogspot.com/ or
KOTO Keeper Of The Ocean.

Please keep in mind, there are more then two sides to a coin or anything else.

I'll be back!

May inner-wealth, health, happiness and peace be with all of you.

Gerry aka KOTO Keeper Of The Ocean

this is the first step.
by: Anonymous

I agree with all of dear but what I intend for is just to tell where the exact faults lie. Until we know about where is the major root of problem how will we move on to solve the problem? So first we need to realize that our actions are such as harming the environment. Then only we can work out some creative action to help save our environment.

every coin has two sides
by: suhana

u told us what we know from past so many years . so inspite of repeating it tell measures to protect the environment

blaming others is not a solution
by: sameera

just telling what nature is doing for us is not enough. we must take proper steps.i appreciate the initiative but i do agree withy aashima.

action speaks louder than words
by: aashima

an activist is not the man who says the river is dirty . the activist is the men who cleans it.

We all have the potential of changing the world
by: Gerry aka KOTO

Aloha Pooja:

Your way with words are beautiful; too bad they tell such a sad and true story. I feel if we expect to start saving Mother Earth, we need first to save our water. Many people do not know that water is 60% of our body, 70% of out brain and 80% of our blood, only 3% of Earth's water is fresh water and most of that is ice, that means there is "only" 0.007% of all water on Earth is available to drink.

We here at The Pollution Solution Group have a few ideas on things we can start doing to save Mother Earth which is dying as I type.

When people take a 10 minute shower they use 50 gallons of water. In the Navy or out at sea we were taught to get wet, turn off the water wash with soap, turn on the water and rinse off; you will save 90% of the water. When brushing your teeth and you leave the water running you waste 4 gallons.

25 million refugees were displaced by contaminated rivers last year. We will run out of water before we run out of oil.


USE LESS, SAVE MORE. Let others know you care. Take care of our storm water Keep things like oil, paint and garbage from contaminating and killing things in our water.

SAVE THE WATER AND WE WILL START TO SAVE THE EARTH The 6 R's include: Respect for self, Respect for others, Responsibility for all your actions, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

With Aloha KOTO, One of the keepers of the ocean

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