Man Made Weather

by Alex
(Oakland, CA)

Reaching an agreement

Reaching an agreement

I don't think that idea has actually been proven at all. Just another reason to give us people who have no way of testing these "ideas" given by certain scientist in the world.

How about we look at the obvious changes in the sky caused by MAN. I do believe in every major populated area in the world there are military planes constantly releasing chemicals into the atmosphere which are visible to everyone.

So for us to sit here and talk about so called "plates" moving, causing a major change in weather is just ridiculous. Let us stop overlooking the obvious for just one moment please. I believe we as man have more to do with our atmosphere than we are told.

Thank you!

Barry's Response - We find solutions by bouncing ideas back and forth. As a result, we uncover alternatives to certain courses of action. That's why everyone's input matters.

Try watching "The Apprentice" some time and see what happens.

Technically, the chemicals you mention are usually used to seed clouds. When planes fly into storm clouds, they release substances that become cloud condensation nuclei. Sometimes it's just to get more rain out of the clouds. To stop precipitation from becoming something more destructive, like hail.

In temperate latitudes, such as Canada, silver iodide freezes well by interacting with supercooled (liquid at a temperature below freezing) droplets to form a seed for the water to freeze against. It falls as normal rain, just earlier, more abundantly, and softer than normal because it goes through the temperate rain-formation process.

Search this site for more information now.

Maybe we should bridge the gap between scientific skepticism and visible changes in the environment:

I appreciate your concerns about scientific ideas and changes in our environment. I think it's important to have open discussions.

To understand natural processes, scientists often use complex models and data analysis, so I can see why some people might have reservations or questions. It's also important to remember that the scientific method involves rigorous testing, peer review, and evidence-based conclusions. In order to get to where they are now, many scientific ideas have gone through a lot of scrutiny.

We can see changes in our skies due to various factors, including human activities, that are changing the atmosphere. Air pollution, industrial emissions, and even contrails from airplanes can mess with the atmosphere. Engage in discussions about environmental impacts and stay informed about these issues.

It's understandable that some people might have questions or alternative viewpoints about tectonic plates and their role in Earth's geological processes. Science evolves, and healthy skepticism is part of it.

It's important to get a balanced perspective that takes both scientific findings and observable environmental changes into account. Open dialogue and collaboration can help us better understand and address the challenges we face.

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Silver iodide Is TOXIC!
by: Anonymous

I hope everyone does some simple research to see the truth about Silver Iodide AgI in the periodic table. Its toxic properties are scary, especially in nanoparticle size it can cross the blood brain barrier!. It's being dropped nearly everywhere on the globe.

THE One obvious reason for an increase in temperature globally. Knowing silver iodide is both reflective and refractive. Basically you are coating the atmosphere in a magnifying glass with a prism like effect, cooking us below. The glare and haze are ridiculous it's worsened in the last few years...a direct result of weather modification using silver iodide.

I haven't even gone into the health issues which are very scary. Look up the MSDS hazards label. Then just look up and see them spraying everyday...they work Every holiday too...who has the money for the overtime

From Barry - Silver iodide is a heavy metal that's toxic to aquatic life. Human health problems have been linked to it, like neurological problems and reproductive problems. Because it can enter the environment in nanoparticle form, it can cross the blood-brain barrier and accumulate in the body. It's important to be aware of its potential harmful effects since it's everywhere.

In addition to reflecting sunlight away from the Earth, silver iodide also cools it. Silver iodide molecules also trap heat in the atmosphere and prevent it from escaping. Global warming happens when the atmosphere heats up.

Spraying chemicals can cause headaches, dizziness, respiratory problems, and skin irritation for people exposed to them. These chemicals can have long-term effects that are even worse. Take all the precautions you need to be aware of the health risks.

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