monster cloud

by anthony

Good ol' fashioned storm

Good ol' fashioned storm

i think it will vanish all the area....

Barry's Response - I think you are referring to severe weather, like the storms shown in the tornado pic above and photos on the severe weather pictures page.

The storms can be dangerous, last a long time or pass suddenly and cause death or damage, or none. We know most by names such as thunderstorms, tornadoes or hurricanes, and we can also have hailstorms or blizzards. But heat waves and droughts also fall under the severe weather category.

Other names given to storms are:
  • Sea storm, winds 48 knots or greater on the open water
  • Wind storm, more wind than rain
  • Derecho, another wind storm
  • Dust devil, localized upward convection. May look like a mini-tornado at times. Watch these people having fun with one

  • Squall, quick surprising gust of wind
  • Gale, temperate-climate storm with at least 34 knot wind speed.
  • Ice storm, freezing rain that results in an accumulated layer on the ground.
  • Tempest, general name for a storm

Other synonyms include blast, blow, typhoon, cyclone, disturbance, downpour, gust, monsoon, rain, whirlwind, twister, chaos, convulsion, furor, tumult, upheaval, uproar, haboob, sandstorm and bluster. And special, not necessarily weather-related types include firestorms, locust (or other insect) storms and solar- or geo-magnetic storms just to name a few.

Mars has dust and sandstorms similar to the Earth. Jupiter great red spot is a persistent storm and Venus has a pair of quasi-permanent polar cyclones. Saturn, Uranus and Neptune have also shown spots suspected to be storms.

The important thing about all this weather is that it eventually passes, which MAY be what you are getting at.

Search this site for more information now.

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by: Bony

This share on the monster cloud is really an eye opener. This post shows how much harm we are doing the Earth. m">buckyball

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