My Plain Issue With Global Warming Messages

by Historytrivia
(Grand Prairie, Texas, United States)

A little perspective

A little perspective

Although global warming is a crisis, it's ok to laugh about it and make jokes about it, because life is short and we should always find ways to not be stressed out.

If an excellent environmentalist come to a conference to speak on global warming, that expert can scare many people in the audience. Just because he is a well spoken environmentalist, his speech is an important one.

Life will be hard if there is nothing fun happening from days to days. I would love to have intelligent jokes about global warming in my e-mail inbox everyday. I like jokes because I can pass them to my friends and families. Good jokes have one or two puns in them that can make people stop and think about the messages being addressed.

What did the judges reward the candidates who did not win Miss Universe? The title of Miss Global because they were just not hot enough.

I still have many questions about global warming but I'm tired of looking for answers in books because books are too long to read and there are many explanations being explain so scientifically that it hard for me to comprehend and remember important things that being addressed. I think many people feel the same way about books on global warming, but they are afraid to ask the questions.

If more books are written with simplicity and humors, there would be more readers in the world.

Barry's Response - The simplicity and brevity are what it's all about, HT. Thanks for the comments.

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Article about global warming
by: Wali

I like the post very much

Global Warming Messages
by: Habib

My rating is 5 (best). because this page is very useful to us. I saw the youtube which contains in that page What is Lent? its also so nice. we should follow to our Global Warming Messages..,

by: confused

I'm not sure of the purpose. Is this purely a humor site or is the intent to address issues related to global warming?

Spread this
by: Ella

They tell about global warming. i think please spread this article to all in this world so they can be series in this matter

plain issue
by: Danny D

This is the interesting topic.

by: Sammy

I think it is not right.

. . .
by: Anonymous

yeah humor is important. I always like to incorparate it into my speech to keep my aduece from snoozing.

Borscht Belt Humor
by: DLynn

Meh, if you're living in the 1950s, this would be considered funny. Where's Henny Youngman these days?

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