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Not always Cold in Canada

by frank
(Granger, IN, USA)

Victoria BC

Victoria BC

I live in northern Indiana and went fishing up to Vancouver Island in June and found the weather to be very pleasant. Later I visited in January and while expecting cold and ice etc I was pleasantly surprised to find a very mild climate.

Comparing the winter of Northern Indiana to Vancouver island B.C. I was shocked to find it much warmer and less cold than I had previously thought.

Barry's Response - Yes, the Vancouver Island is the mildest place in Canada in winter. It also has pleasant summers, thus making it one of the most desirable locations in the country.

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How does Victoria rank on a scale of 1 to 100
by: Barry

...on a variety of weather parameters (average temperature, rainfall and such). This chart compares Victoria with 99 other largest Canadian cities.


by: Wolcin

I have been noting the temperature changes in the past few years and I found something remarkable, even you might have noted it too. The climates have started to behave completely differently each time. Sometimes it reaches either extreme’s too.

its a little rainy
by: Anonymous

how about cloudy with a chance of BORING

How about the rest of the year
by: Russ

Sounds nice for winter. How about the rest of the year? Anything going on besides fishing? I might like to visit.

What else besides fishing?
by: Raven

I have never been there. I'm not a fisherman, so I'd like to know what else there is to do there. It's good to know the weather is mild, but what else is there to make it a worthwhile visit?

The Air's a Bit Thin
by: Wally

Actually, I've been to Vancouver Island, although not in January, and it is indeed a beautiful place with a relatively mild climate. This article, though, is a bit "thin" in its content, giving me no real information beyond a vague "it's-not-as-bad-as-I-thought" opinion -- which in itself, if you think about it, is a bit negative. I would prefer to read about the positives, such as what makes Vancouver an attractive place to visit. Or at a minimum, I would like to get some actual data, since "mild" weather is pretty relative. How about some actual temperatures, or monthly averages?

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