by haley
(norway house)

An unsettled weather map

An unsettled weather map

Well, since ur a weather people Manitoba it's weird; we flood all the time and some days it gets really hot out then the next day its snowing well I don't know whats going on but there is really something going on, well mostly in Norway House.

You should check it out.

Barry's Response - So far, it's been a pretty southern year. It's been up-and-down as much as it's been across the map. It has lots of large ridges and troughs, according to meteorologists. That's why the weather changes so much from day to day. There might be a connection between these two things.

Let's talk about La Niña. There's cooler than normal water bubbling up to the surface in the eastern Pacific ocean, including in the BC coast. It's colder in BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario if this happens. Plus, we get a lot of snow.

El Niño, the opposite of La Niña, often leads to warmer winters in Manitoba and the rest of the prairies. During this time, most of the west gets drier.

Norway House, up at the north end of Lake Winnipeg, has over 5000 people and a cold climate. Summers average 28 Celsius or better a few times a year, but the record is 36. But winter's coming. I've been as low as -47 and have seen temperatures as low as -35.

The windiest month is May, and frosts are frequent enough that the growing season doesn't start until mid-June. It's a little short.

Search this site for more information now.

It is my pleasure to provide you with a more general description of the climate in Manitoba, specifically Norway House.

Manitoba, Canada, has a diverse climate because of its size and location. It's a remote community along the shores of Lake Winnipeg in northern Manitoba. Norway House has a subarctic climate because of its northern location.

During the winter months (December to February), Norway House can get really cold. The region gets a lot of snow, and it's cold a lot of the time.

The summer season (June to August) can be milder, with occasional warm days. It's not as hot as southern parts of the province, even in summer. Norway House is relatively close to the Arctic Circle, so there are more daylight hours in the summer.

Throughout the year, Norway House gets moderate precipitation, mostly snow in winter and rain occasionally in summer.

I would emphasize the importance of understanding and addressing climate change's impact on northern regions. To mitigate climate change's effects on ecosystems and local communities, we might advocate for sustainable practices.

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by: Steven

I think it is a serious condition regarding the changes on earth before a big disaster. So that we have to make some precautionary steps to prevent this unnecessary events on earth that will affects badly. Take care!

From Barry - In our daily lives, we have an opportunity to implement sustainable practices. To start, we might reduce our carbon footprint, conserve energy and water, and use renewable energy. Also, we could support climate change mitigation organizations.

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