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Producing Weather Forecasts

by David Mackie

Using Radar to produce weather forecasts

Using Radar to produce weather forecasts

The literature gives a good description as to the systems used in monitoring the incoming weather. I do not believe that the information content is too technical even for most people. I do believe that the text should include information as to regard with the equipment used and other systems which accompany those explained, as I presume there are other choices available.

It is useful as it can give everybody and anybody an insight into how the weather is forecast and may give them more to believe in the weather forecasting business, since they now understand that is based on scientific data and not just guesses.

I think it is a useful page but could do a lot more to relate it to the general public and demonstrate to them how this is used to contribute to the weather predictions that they are used to seeing.

Barry's Response - Thanks for your input, David. Weather predicting is less of a black art than you might imagine. I wish that would mean that all doubt is removed, but many uncertainties still prevail. Every year, every decade, it gets better, though.

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