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provider of environmental research and development

by venkatesh

Even though it's expensive, good air quality control pays off over the long run. If done properly, the control of air pollution your business keeps can make productivity even better by giving a cleaner environment with less employee downtime because of sickness or limited working capacity.

How much air pollution prevention and control you wish to manage may depend on the magnitude of the operation and the characteristics of the industry you work in. If you are a heavy manufacturer or if you deal with volatile materials, or if you have many locations spread across the country, if you run lean with the employee availability, then you have three options, depending on your business:

1. Hire your own air pollution technician to handle communications with government;

2. Hire consultants to set up your air pollution controlling system;

3. Use a specialist to run and install the air pollution control equipment at your facility.

Barry's Response - Yes, Venkatesh, these are good ideas to start with. Thank you very much.

Air quality consultants can also determine, using dispersion models, if the control systems you propose will help the situation. Are air quality problems caused by your plant or the one next door? Will a system redesign be needed or can one or two simple, inexpensive adjustments solve it? These types of questions are handled on a daily basis (almost) in my consulting practice.

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good website
by: venkatesh

yes these are the ideas are to provide a environmental development.
thank u
s this is my photo


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Do you have concerns about air pollution in your area??

Perhaps modelling air pollution will provide the answers to your question.

That is what I do on a full-time basis.  Find out if it is necessary for your project.

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