Rain Forests and Coffee

by Cayman

Coffee Plantation

Coffee Plantation

What do you know about changes in our rain forests?!? Are big coffee corporations cutting down our forests to grow their crops?! I need to know. The world needs to know.

Is Starbucks (and others) causing a problem, and should we do something about it?

Barry's Response - Good questions, Cayman. The diminishing of these forests for the use of mankind may or may not be a problem. We think it is and scientists can provide evidence to support that claim.

Corporate practices appear to make our natural environment worse, but we will only know for sure hundreds of years from now.

Want more details? See this article I wrote on rain forests.

Search this site for more information now.

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Good point
by: Anonymous

Definitely good point. I must admit that same things worry me as well. Today everything is powered by making bigger and bigger profit and sometimes it feels like we are digging our own grave.

How big of an impact do we really have?
by: Christine

I think most people agree that global warming is happening, but I know the extent that human behavior has on the progression of global warming isn't exactly known. I had read that they had found evidence of global warming on Mars or Venus.

If Starbucks cuts down a bunch of trees, did they actually change anything? Or is it like adding a thimble full of salt to ocean water to try to increase the salt levels?

But good article - would love to see a breakdown of which industries actually contribute the most to global warming.

Coffee? Maybe.
by: Theron

This is an excellent point to bring up Though, I must say, coffee? This type or industry maybe contributes very little to rain forest destruction compared to others.

I think we need to research some reliable information before we can come to a conclusion.
I would check out the rest of this website to maybe find some links to other factual based information. Thanks!

Something to think about...
by: Anita

I completely agree that corporate practices appear to make our natural environment worse, but we will only know for sure hundreds of years from now, it will surely take time.

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