Rain Water Harvesting Project

by sumit

A basic rooftop water collection design

A basic rooftop water collection design

A National Science Exhibition was organized in our school last October. My friend and I decided to make a project on Rain Water Harvesting as it was very relevant to the current scenario. The main focus was on roof top water harvesting, the rain water can be utilized for domestic purposes by collecting the water on roof tops.

As we know that the rain water is the purest natural source of water therefore it can be used for any purpose.

Instead of roof top, the water can also be collected in small water reservoirs at ground level which could then be pumped into other parts of the house. It is especially beneficial for agricultural areas where there is a shortage of water.

Our project was very well received by everyone and we were awarded second prize in the science exhibition.

I think science fairs and science exhibitions are a must at schools. They encourage students to think of innovative ways in which they can make use of science. Even those students who are not a part of the science fair get to learn so much by looking at others projects and understanding the working of different models.

Another science exhibition is going to be organized at a nearby school and my friend and I have already started working on a project.

Barry's Response - Good job, Sumit, and good luck. Thank you.

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by: aadityesha

very helpful

by: Anonymous

science project!!! zzzzzzzzzz
physics 1 zzzzzzzzzzzzz
chemistry 2 zzzzzzzzzz
botany 3 zzzzzzzzzzz
zoology 4 zzzzzzzzzz
totally wat to do zzzzzzzzzz???????

by: varunjha

gadhe mein kya yeh padhkar nachu.ullu ke patte

From Barry: I can add one to the list...


by: mehta seema

keep it up....and use your imagination practically,

nice project
by: pranay

its is a very useful and very easy project . i liked it.

best ever heard
by: anisha

good job,keep it up!

by: Gerry aka KOTO


A great idea, many people collect rain water off of their roofs in different parts of the world. Maybe your school could also start stenciling messages onto storm drains, in English and Spanish along with a picture of fish.

Check out what we are doing at The Pollution Solution Group


There might be some helpful information. What you're doing is great and we need more people like you. People like you need to educate the unknowing or uncaring by setting examples.

May the force be with you.
With Aloha KOTO One of the keepers of the Ocean

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